New Restaurant Alert: Kiwa Korean Grill Dining at Solaire, Paranaque

This upscale Korean restaurant is a worthy splurge.

Kiwa Korean Grill Dining
Solaire Resort & Casino, 1 Aseana Avenue, Parañaque City
Contact: 888-8888
Open from 9 a.m. to 12 a.m. (Sunday to Thursday), 9 a.m. to 2 a.m. (Fridy to Saturday)




( You don't often hear "high-end" and "Korean cuisine" in one sentence. The charm of this type of food has always come from its rusticity—a "mom's home-cooking vibe" in a loud, smoky, and spicy setting. You leave the restaurant smelling like food, but happy. Kiwa Korean Grill Dining, however, introduces itself as an upscale Korean dining setting. 


Kiwa feels like every other restaurant in Solaire. You’re welcomed by breathtaking interiors (gorgeous wooden beams adorn the high ceilings), soothing sounds of water flowing under a little bridge, and a picture-perfect view of Manila Bay—elements that immediately tell you you’re in for a treat. Kiwa is owned by Dr. David Shim, who's also CEO of Solaire Korea. He promises premium quality ingredients and flawless level of service.  



No barbecue smell—though we don't really mind.


One example of this careful consideration for customers? An exhaust system under the floorboards properly ventilates the restaurant, so you don't have to worry about smelling like barbecue when you leave. You definitely won't get the brusque, no-nonsense reaction in more harried Korean joints.


Haemul Pajeon






Yang Nyeom Gal Bi



Pumpkin Salad


When you're craving Korean at Solaire, make sure to take advantage of Kiwa’s lunch sets. We personally love the Yang Nyeom Gal Bi (P3,000/200 grams), which are tender grilled beef ribs marinated in a special sauce, and comes with porridge, an appetizer, pajeon, chapchae, rice, and soup. Kiwa uses Grade A+ beef that is melt-in-your-mouth delicious. As you pop it inside your mouth, you'll be reminded of a cube of butter melting deliciously in a sizzling pan.



Chadolbaegi Salad


If you only have time for a quick bite, make the Chadolbaegi Salad (P1,000) a priority. Thinly sliced pan-fried beef brisket tops a bed of greens; a light, slightly tart pear and yuzu sauce cuts through the fatty tenderness of the meat. It’s difficult to resist this one, and we’d come back for this satisfying salad alone.


For regular dinner course sets, the Saenggalbi Course (P3,200/170 grams) is a crowd favorite. The beef short ribs are cooked in soy sauce seasoned with ginseng. The price of these set meals might seem a little steep, but they come with an appetizer, sashimi, panjeon, chapchae, vegetables, rice, soybean paste stew, and dessert (we’re looking at you, red bean bingsu!).








Baebaek Kimchi





Kiwa allows you to explore only the very best of classic Korean barbecue by giving you premium meats. Don’t flinch when the bill arrives. The ambience and tasting courses make for a top-notch dining experience—one that’s absolutely worth it when you feel like indulging.

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