These Milo Dinosaur cookies zoom you back to childhood

Brought to us by cookie champ, The Bald Baker

Bald Baker


( Cy Ynares, otherwise known in social media as The Bald Baker, has already proven that you can toss all kinds of good stuff in a cookie batter and create something even better. His Compost Cookie is a vanilla cookie that might as well be chocolate from the cocoa nibs, dark chocolate droplets, chocolate-covered rice krispies, chips, pretzels, and more. It's a bestseller, but a new flavor might just push it away from the spotlight. 



Meet the Milo Dinosaur cookie (P70/piece). It's one of your favorite childhood drinks turned into your favorite childhood snack. Cy developed his own Milo crumble, added some marshmallows, and finished it off with a sprinkling of Milo powder. The cookie is sweet, but in that nostalgic way that will make you want more and more. 


Lucky are the kids who get this two-in-one treat in their lunchboxes. We're including ourselves in that privileged set. 


For orders, visit The Bald Baker's website. Read more about The Bald Baker.

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