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It's not just for movies anymore.

Popcorn Dessert


( Popcorn has moved on from being just movie chow. More and more dessert mavens are recognizing how its beautifully light, crunchy texture and delicate corn flavor could be maximized for other dishes. And with the way the local culinary scene is going, it seems like we're off to a good start. 


Popcorn Dessert


Caramel popcorn is a favorite topping in today's wicked smorgasbord of milkshakes and soft-serve ice cream. Fat Daddy's, Cafe Kumori, and The Lost Bread all crown their showstopping drinks with candied popcorn in various flavors. Soft-serve favorites like Honey Creme, Milk Cow, Mr. Diggins, and (once again) The Lost Bread also use popcorn to add texture to their creamy ice cream. It's simple, but genius. 


Popcorn Dessert


Blackbird in Makati follows this similar style—but in its usual gourmet fashion. They have a chocolate brownie topped with velvety vanilla ice cream. For extra flavor, they sprinkle some salted caramel popcorn and dark chocolate curls over it. It's so simply delicious that you'll want to knock your head on a wall for not coming up with it. 


Popcorn Dessert


Ace pastry chef Carmela Villegas Acosta of Casa San Luis has recently come up with Chocolate Mousse Cake with coffee-soaked vanilla cake topped with caramel popcorn, caramel garnish, and chocolate-covered coffee beans. It comes in seven-inch (P1,200) and nine-inch (P1,400) varieties. For orders, contact Casa San Luis at 0916-644-8522.


Popcorn Dessert


Chef Miko Aspiras' Le Petit Souffle at Century City Mall is obviously one of the earlier players in this game. He's made several desserts with popcorn, and recently posted a sneak peek of his newest souffle dish on Instagram. The aptly described "dessert fantasy" is a Golden Pancake Souffle, a gorgeous arrangement made up of a perfect souffle topped with gilded popcorn and a globe of spun sugar. 



Popcorn Dessert


The Grind Bistro at Crescent Park, Bonifacio Global City, is the corniest of the bunch. This unassuming restaurant puts up three popcorn-inspired desserts on one plate. They have chewy popcorn ball, popcorn-flavored ice cream, and tasty popcorn pot de creme. 


Back in February, Mrs. Grahams Macaron Cafe also came out with a limited-edition popcorn macaron.


Photos courtesy of JJ Yulo (Grind Bistro), Joey Dragon Lady (Blackbird); and from the official Facebook pages of Casa San Luis and Le Petit Souffle

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