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( Is it just our feed or is social media blowing up with everything taho? Whether it's from the trusty manong who roams our street, a fancified dessert in a Chinese restaurant, or a kooky reinvention from a top chef, this humble treat is finally coming into its own. 


The Baker's Table


The taho, for example, is the inspiration behind the newest cake at The Baker's Table. Chef Jonnathan Em, who has already converted Orange Swits, Hany, Viva, and Butter Ball candies into cakes, uses a vanilla sponge cake as a base. Between the layers is a careful application of soy milk custard and tapioca, while the top is chilled taho and pandan-infused sago-arnibal jelly. Just like all of The Baker's Table's candy cakes, a slice is priced at P110, while a nine-inch whole is P1,050.




In November 2015, modern Pinoy restaurant Dekada also tried to reinterpret this revered snack. Theirs is a Taho and Kesong Puti Cheesecake (P238). Tofu pudding and fresh white cheese set the stage while sweetness comes in the form of sweetened tapioca, syrup, a couple of swirls of chocolate, and a few pieces of fruit.

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BONO Gelato


BONO Gelato, of course, is famous for their seasonal Taho Gelato, which they've been bringing back every summer for the last two years. This dairy-free, gluten-free, and vegan ice cream uses a soy-based gelato flourished with rich coconut syrup and lip-smacking tapioca.


Black Sheep Tea Time



It's Black Sheep, however, that wins the quirky award. This restaurant, where no dish ever comes out the way it should be, reinvents the component of the taho in their Tea Time (P320). Instead of tofu, they use a creamy chamomile panna cotta and tops it with a bright lemon granita. The dish is finished table-side, with a final flourish of tapioca swimming in wild honey. Yum.


Photos courtesy of Jonnathan Em (The Baker's Table) and from BONO Gelato official Facebook page 

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