New Restaurant Alert: Griddle in Teachers Village, Quezon City

What you save in food, you can spend on travels.

Griddle: Steaks X Chicken
106B Maginhawa Street, Teachers Village, Quezon City
Contact: 433-4884,
Open from 11 a.m. to 11 p.m. (Tuesday to Sunday)





( Griddle: Steaks X Chicken has a two-fold mission that strangely makes sense. This eclectic restaurant, one, serves cheap but flavor-packed steaks and chicken, and two, inspires travel through quirky design elements. The message is clear: Keep the money you save from eating here rather than at fancier restaurants and put it in a future travel fund.









Travel details all throughout


Owners Cellina Santos and Jan Wesley Samson show their love for travel through posters, knickknacks, and even napkin holders designed to look like passports. Photos on the wall chronicle either their journeys or their friends'. The pair is upfront about their intentions: The restaurant was actually developed to help them earn enough funds to go on a European tour. 


Honey Bagoong Wings


But what started out as a side project has become a full-time business, thanks to the loyalty of students and families who frequent Maginhawa. The Honey Bagoong Wings (P140) are especially good at getting customers hooked. Bagoong finds new love in chicken as a sweet, spicy, savory sauce evenly coating the wings. One person can finish a whole plate, but it can also be good for two people, if you’re willing to share (which is highly unlikely).


Another customer favorite is the Pasta Pomodoro with Pesto Chicken (P145), which is an Italian blend, tomato-based pasta. The noodles are crowned with a chicken breast fillet cooked in pesto sauce, creating a contrasting blend of salty and sour.




Pasta Pomodoro with Pesto Chicken




Grilled Lime Pork Belly


For meat lovers, Griddle also has the Grilled Lime Pork Belly (P165). It’s a generous serving of liempo marinated in and grilled with a smoky-sweet sauce that hints at just the right touch of lime. Pro tip: Get vinegar as a condiment to boost that tart note. This value-for-money meal also comes with a cup of rice and buttered corn and carrots. 


Griddle’s Chicken Parmigiana (P160) may be new to the family, but it's quite difficult to resist. Instead of chicken baked with tomato sauce and cheese, theirs come breaded and deep-fried. Cellina and Wesley go with a raw tomato salsa to lighten their heavier preparation.



Chicken Parmigiana




Griddle Steak


The main attraction is the Griddle Steak (P180). It's a gorgeous T-bone rubbed with special spices and comes complete with a side dish and a cup of rice. Batangas beef is the pair's meat of choice. Cellina and Wesley may have their sights on touring other countries, but they are big supporters of the local industry.


Griddle also has a unique range of fruit-based beverages, going beyond the usual soda and iced tea. One of them is Apple Fusion (P90), which is made with 100% apples and oranges. Griddle doesn't use preservatives and you can even notice the finely diced apple bits and chunks of orange pulp through the glass.



Apple Fusion




Mint Lemonade


The Mint Lemonade (P90) tastes fresh and smooth, especially with that refreshing burst of mint in every sip. The flavors are bright, which makes it the perfect intermission as you enjoy the restaurant's meat-heavy meals.




Griddle has arrived.


Celline and Wesley are busy cooking up ways to improve their restaurant, including a loyalty card that they're designing to resemble a passport. We're thinking it won't take long before this travel-themed restaurant goes places.


Photos by Juan Sinag Cano and Nicko de Guzman

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