TRENDING: Ube is the next big ingredient


( Brooklyn's Manila Social Club, with its French-inspired Filipino cooking, has not only successfully reinvented our local cuisine, they also reinforced its mark on a global audience. Now, thanks to their viral $100 gilded donuts (thanks to the Cristal icing and 24-karat gold leaf), Manila Social Club has also introduced ube to the world.


Purple yam, which, incidentally, is the name of another New York-based Pinoy eatery, has always been a beloved flavor locally. It's jam, it's ice cream, it's candy, it's cake. Finally, the versatile flavor has been given the spotlight. Because everyone is finally appreciating its mysteriously appealing nutty flavor, we list down some of our favorite ube incarnations.




It's almost a sin not to try the Mango Ube Symphony (P150/single, P250/double) from BONO Gelato—a winner in our book and at the Gelato World Tour in Singapore in March 2015. This dense mango gelato is backed by real nutty ube and strips of rhum-soaked dried mango, making it chewy and deliciously sweet. It's worth every calorie.



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Of course, there's also the Bibingkang Ube (P120/small, P230/medium, P340/large) from Manam, a true Filipino favorite. The swirls of purple and yellow are topped with shaved coconut and perfected with the hit of salt from rich salted eggs—soft, creamy and cake-like in texture. 



These pancakes from Simple Lang aren't your typical breakfast pancakes—they're ube-flavored and they come with crispy strips of coconuts, coconut cream, sago, and luscious ube sauce. Filling and delicious, it's the perfect balance of breakfast and dessert in one!




Diner on 16th forever changed the waffle game with their "chwaffle" or chicken and waffle. The twist though, is that they made their waffles ube-flavored. You wouldn't think these combinations would work, but the nutty profile of the waffle is satisfyingly good against the saltiness of the chicken.




Ube has always been a staple flavor for piayas, but 13 Ubay stepped up their ube piayas with their homemade ube fillings made from scratch. The rawness of the ube is delectable and perfectly sweet. Topped with a scoop of vanilla ice cream, these ube piayas are flavorful but not overpowering, which is exactly what a snack should be.



Photos from archives and Eatsplorations.

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