Blue paella, talangka paté + more at the Feast of Colors in Discovery Country Suites, Tagaytay

There's more to them than just bulalo.

Feast of Colors by Discovery Suites

300 Calamba, San Jose, Tagaytay City
Contact: 413-4657; 529-8172



( If you think you’ve done all there is to do in Tagaytay, think again. When you've had your fill of the usual stops, check out Discovery Country Suites and a special lunch buffet called Feast of Colors, a concept by chefs Anthony Raymond and Rhea Sycip of Discovery Suites and guest chefs Jaja Andal and the “Adobo Queen” herself, chef Nancy Reyes-Lumen. The feast of colors will be a lunch buffet service at the hotel's Restaurant Verbena on August 13 and 14.


Here’s a preview of the dishes you can expect:







Salad with colorful flowers and greens of Tagaytay by Chef Jaja

Seriously, how pretty is this salad? Just look at those edible flowers and fresh greens! Chef Jaja Andal gives two options for your dressing—the santol dressing is a sweet option, while passion fruit has a bit of a sour kick. Pro-tip: Try one after the other so you won’t miss out. 




Talangka Paté by Chef Jaja

You can get your share of some crab roe, the kind that you and your siblings probably fought over when you were kids. It might be a little intimidating when you think of crab fat and cream cheese put together, but don’t hate it till you’ve tried it. You’ll thank us later.



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Pinoy Baked Rockefeller by Chef Anthony

What makes up this particular Rockefeller Pinoy, you ask? Here’s a one-word hint: laing. It's laing baked with oyster and cheese. You may have never dreamed of it, but after tasting these combinations, you’ll wonder why you’ve never had it before.





Rodrigo’s Roast by Chef Nancy 

Roasted pork belly with a sweet sugary crust? Yes, please! Rodrigo’s Roast by Chef Nancy comes from a cookbook by Enriqueta David Perez. The dish is named after her husband, Rodrigo. Chef Nancy added her own twist to the recipe by using guava sauce and coming up with this meaty goodness. Word of advice: If you find Tagaytay too far away but still want a taste of the meaty goodness that is Rodrigo’s roast, they’ll be selling the roasts at Salcedo Market on August 13!




Mechado Paprika by Chef Nancy


We’re not kidding when we say that Chef Nancy dedicates an entire day to stewing this incredibly new, but familiar take on the Pinoy ulam favorite. All your doubts will go away once you have a taste. It’s that good!



Blue Paella by Chef Jaja

Behold: a gorgeous dish with the colors of seafood contrasting beautifully against the blue tint of the rice. Does that sound good? It tastes even better. Everything blends together perfectly, you don’t even have to pair it with anything! It’s amazing on its own.




Crispy Duck Adobo by Chef Anthony

While we're all used to having pork or chicken adobo, there's actually more to this national dish than meets the eye. This Duck Adobo will make you forget every other adobo you've ever tried (perhaps with the exception of your mom's version, of course). You can choose between Duck Turmeric or Duck Adobo with Garlic.







Avocado Sponge Cake by Chef Rhea

Filipinos love avocado with ice and condensed milk, and that’s exactly how this avocado cake tastes. The cake filling is just perfection. Would you look at the oozing avocado goodness?! We guarantee you’ll want seconds after your first slice!



Ube Halaya Chiffon Cake

Tagaytay wouldn’t be Tagaytay without something ube-flavored. These bite-sized ube flavored chiffon cakes are served in shot glasses, but without the experience of dreading a hangover the morning after.


The lunch buffet will be at August 13 and 14 from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m., priced at P1,200/person. For more information, log on to Discovery Suites' website

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