New Restaurant Alert: Pig Tales Gastropub on Wilson Street, San Juan

It's a bacon restaurant. 'Nuff said.

Pig Tales Gastropub
192 Wilson Street, Greater San Juan, San Juan City
Contact: 892-5186
Open 11 a.m. to 12 a.m. (Monday to Friday) and 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. (Saturday to Sunday)




( Hidden along the narrow street of Wilson in San Juan is an unassuming gastropub—a hidden gem, a hole-in-the-wall waiting to be discovered. It’s Pig Tales Gastropub, a cozy restaurant where people come hungry and leave with happy, satisfied bellies.




The keyword is bacon. Most of their dishes are bacon-infused, but with the many ways bacon has been reinvented, they still find ways to stand out and be different.


Mozzarella Balls


Pig Tales takes two of our favorites and creates a hybrid of bacon and mozzarella in their Mozzarella Balls (P220)—beautiful, enticing little orbs of deep-fried gooey mozzarella cheese wrapped in crisp bacon strips and drizzled with thick pomodoro sauce that adds a nice tartness to every bite. 



Buffalo Wings


What’s a gastropub without wings? Their Buffalo Wings (P190) are exceptional even without dips. The chicken is baked and coated with rich sriracha butter sauce, making every bite soft and savory.


Orange Blossom, Tequila Sunrise, and White Russian



Pig Slab


Pig Tales knows what you want, takes it, and makes it better than you ever imagined. Case in point: their best-selling Pig Slab (P400). It’s almost unbelievable how they’re able to roast the huge slab of pork to a point where it's so tender, you won’t even need a knife. It’s glazed with rosemary barbecue sauce, giving it a lip-smacking sweet and smoky flavor that's more addictive with each forkful. It lies atop a bed of creamy mashed potatoes with cobs of grilled, buttered corn on the side—a thoughtful gesture we’re more than happy to devour.



Ebi Tempura 


The Ebi Tempura (P350) deserves your attention, too. It’s delicious proof that even the most unorthodox combinations—when done right—can bring spectacular results. Instead of the usual batter, they wrap the fresh shrimp in thin bacon strips before deep-frying and serving. Dunk the tempura in the soy sesame ginger sauce for the full experience.





Speaking of unorthodox combinations, dare to sample the Bangoes (P150). It's a sinful medley of sweet mangoes, caramelized bacon, vanilla ice cream, chocolate sauce and bits, and crunchy bacon shreds.


Pig Tales Gastropub is a place where the possibilities are endless. They aren’t afraid of experimenting. They embrace change. They innovate. They excel—with flying colors to boot.


Photos by Hans Fausto

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