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This hip Vietnamese joint is the answer to your pho, banh mi, and satay cravings

P.H.A.T. Pho in Rockwell takes your favorite dishes and makes them better.

P.H.A.T. Pho
LG/F Power Plant Mall, Rockwell, Makati City
Serendra, Bonifacio Global City
Open daily from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m.




( It's been two years since this well-loved Cebu-based joint opened in Serendra, and this month, P.H.A.T. Pho finally expanded to a second branch in Power Plant Mall, Rockwell. Even with Vietnamese fare finally mushrooming around the city, it still manages to attract a steady stream of patrons clamoring for their cool take on the cuisine's staples.



P.H.A.T. Pho in Rockwell has the same hip vibe that was very much a part of the first branch. It’s easy to walk past it, but it would be difficult to ignore the bright neon sign and constant line of customers checking out the menu, waiting to be seated.


Seafood Pho


Not much has changed in their selection, with only a few tweaks and adjustments in the preparation. The Seafood Pho (P245/small, P395/large) for instance, is now a permanent addition to their menu. This fiery bowl of spicy seafood broth, fish cake, fresh squid, and poached shrimps is packed with flavor that doesn't overwhelm the palate. The Pho Special (P230/small, P395/large) is still a heady and meaty bowl of shaved U.S. Angus beef, braised beef, meatballs, and tendon.


Pho Special



Bun Bo Hue


The Bun Bo Hue (P225/small, P395/large) is a must-try for those who love spicy food. The pork knuckle, braised beef, and tendon are simmered alongside a red, chili-speckled broth, the trail of heat from each spoonful keeps you sipping for more. If you're ordering appetizers, check out the Chilled Shrimp (P195) rolls, which provide a refreshing break in between sips of flavorful soup.



Chilled Shrimp



Fish Sauce Chicken Wings



Saigon Baguette Banh Mi


Save room for the Saigon Baguette Banh Mi (P280). P.H.A.T. Pho now bakes their own bread from scratch—a process that took a while to perfect. The result is unmistakable: delicious crunchy loaves of baguette, sandwiching a whirlwind of flavors from the creamy cheese, ham, blended chili and liver pate, spring onions, cha lua, pressed meatballs, and cool tones of the cilantro and cucumber.


Com Chien




P.H.A.T. Pho serves their satay in different variations, but we’re partial to the Angus Beef Satay (P210/three pieces, P345/five pieces), tender and perfectly seasoned skewers topped with generous helpings of peanuts and shallots. The sweet, smoky bites that will make you want to reach for several spoonfuls of the Com Chien (P295), P.H.A.T. Pho's seriously addictive fried rice.


It might be a challenge for a compact restaurant to stand out in a mall which already has plenty of food choices, but P.H.A.T Pho's no-fuss, homey dishes are the kind that will compel you into making it a regular habit.


Photos by Hans Fausto



Video by Criselda Carreon

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