7 Ways to Boost Your Parties

Take the merry making up a notch

We've already ushered into 2016, which means you’ll be attending parties left and right. Break the monotony of eating and drinking fests by making your celebration more interactive for everyone to enjoy. Here are 7 ways to add spice to your parties for a really memorable time.

1. Have a lip sync battle
A lip sync battle allows everyone to participate because there’s no real singing involved. The best part: you get to disguise the fact that you’re tone deaf.

Lay the smackdown on on your audience

2. Take turns being DJ
There’s always that one person that dampens the party by being a playlist Nazi. By letting everyone take turns to pick songs, your assured of variety—from tito hits up to the new Bieber tracks.

Unleash your inner Dillon Francis!

3. Have a no cellphone rule
Get people in the moment by asking them to refrain from using their cellphones. This allows everyone to catch up and talk.

Only exception: When it’s time to take selfies, of course!

4. Play beer pong
Drinking games are fun but then it gets people drunk rather quickly. Beer pong is more of a slow burn kind of game that also tests your shooting skills. Win-win.

It's really fun when things get competitive, too! 

5. Draw lots on conversation topics
Inumans are fun when conversation is your pulutan. Mix things up by listing random topics on paper and then take turns picking the topic. It's a fun way of keeping the conversation fresh! 

Leave religion and politics off the topics list! 

6. Have a theme
Costumes make an otherwise ordinary get together into an extraordinary one. It makes for good photo ops, too! 

Bawal K.J.!

7. Spruce up your drink selection
Try mixing a fruit flavored iced tea with your spirits! This will add a refreshing touch to compliment the boldness of booze.

They make for great mixers, too! 

For a fun and refreshing iced tea choice, try Lipton Red Tea. Made from real tea and the exciting flavors of our local red-skinned oranges and Mandarin oranges, it's a sure hit at your next party. 

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