Japan Just Invented a Noise-Cancelling Fork for Slurpers

Now go "fork" and eat those noodles.

(SPOT.ph) Know anyone who can't help but slurp their noodles loudly? While it's frowned upon here, in Japan, slurping their ramen as noisily as possible is actually their way of showing appreciation for the food they're eating. Plus, it's helps to cool down hot noodles. Unfortunately, most foreigners think otherwise. In fact, it's actually resulted in something Japanese talk shows have called "noodle harassment" from tourists who consider Japanese people rude and sloppy because of their merry slurping.



While most Japanese people think everyone else should let them eat their noodles in peace (we agree!), leave it up to ingenious Japanese folks to turn this phenomenon into an innovation. Instant ramen company Nissin recently invented a noise-cancelling fork called Otohiko. As their entertaining ad demonstrates, the fork detects sounds of slurping, and transmits a signal to a nearby smartphone, triggering it to play a sound that’ll mask the noisy slurps. Pretty genius, if you ask us.




If your noisy slurping and chewing has become a serious problem for you and everyone around you, an Otohiko will cost you 14,800 Yen (or roughly P6,724) and can be preordered through the Nissin online store until December 2017. Or, you could just practice eating more quietly.

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