The Japanese Didn't Really Invent Sushi and More Mind-Blowing Facts

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( Sushi may be synonymous to Japanese food, but it actually originated from somewhere else—and it's not Japan. According to Food & Drink Infographics: A Visual Guide to Culinary Pleasures by Simone Klablin and edited by Julius Wiedemann, the Japanese staple is believed to have come from Thailand or China, finding its origins in a method known in Japan as nigirisushi. In this process, fish is cleaned then preserved in layers of rice and salt, a popular technique in the days when the fridge has yet to exist.


But Japan has since made the dish their own; sushi became popular in the East Asian country in the 17th century, with many varieties like temaki (handroll), maki (seaweed roll), futomaki (seaweed roll with greens), and the traditional nigiri (a ball of rice topped with a slice of fish).


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