This New York Café Was Made for Nutella Fans

Add this to your bucket list!

( Some people love Nutella and others practically eat it straight out of the jar. Whichever kind you are, there's a new café in New York that you should add to your bucket list. The aptly named Nutella Café is heaven on Earth for all fans of the chocolate-hazelnut spread.


The door is inspired by a jar of Nutella

Almost all menu items have lots and lots of Nutella


The café also sells exclusive Nutella merch

From the décor to the menu, everything is dedicated to Nutella. It all starts with the door, which takes inspiration from their signature jar. Inside, jars line the shelvesplus, you can get exclusive New York- and Nutella-inspired merchandise. The menu is just as decadent and chocolate-hazelnutty: Think Grilled Banana Bread drizzled with Nutella, Hazelnut Blondies, parfaits, pancakes, and even a Create Your Own dessert option which lets you choose a base (pancakes, croissant, or crepe), fillings, and toppings. Looks like you have another reason to work towards that New York trip—though if New York isn't exactly your thing, they also have a branch in Chicago.

Nutella Café is at 116 University Place, New York, New York, U.S.A.

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