On Our Wish Lists: Burger King's Traffic-Delivery Service

Have burgers delivered while you're stuck in traffic!

Pinoys have figured out lots of creative ways to avoid getting hangry while stuck in traffic. Hell, sometimes it's not even food—it seems like you can buy everything, from cigarettes to car-cleaning accessories, through your nearest takatak manong. But what if we told you that somewhere out there in the world, you can get a steaming hot burger delivered right to your driver's side window? Jealous yet?

AdAge reports that Burger King is doing just that in Mexico City as part of its latest marketing campaign. The Traffic Jam Whopper program uses real-time data to determine heavily congested areas, then alerts drivers through outdoor and Waze ads when the service is available to them. The alert appears when the motorist is within a three-kilometer range of a Burger King branch, and lets them know how long they have left to order. 


And they needn't worry about violating something like the Anti-Distracted Driving Act either, because they can use voice commands via the Burger King app to place their order just as if they're using a regular drive-thru speaker. A courier then rides up to their car to give them their food.

Apparently, Burger King will be taking the service to other congested cities like Los Angeles, Sao Paulo, and Shanghai. Consider this a formal request, then, on behalf of the Philippines. There are plenty of traffic and hungry drivers here, too.

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