8 of Our Favorite Childhood Eats

What would we give to have a good root beer float again!

Remember how the grown-up world felt so cool when you were a kid? It doesn't feel as cool now that you're an official adulting adult, huh? If only you can go back in time, when life was simpler and all you needed was one of these treats to make you happy:

It's actually easy to make at home! (video via Pinoy Toque TV)

Ice Scramble
Seeing the ice scramble seller always had us scrambling for our barya, and slurping on the unnaturally-colored slush was easily a major highlight of our childhood days. Who would've thought that evaporated milk, banana flavoring, and an assortment of sweet toppings would make such a good combination?

How about a cotton candy rabbit? (video via Aden Films)

Cotton Candy
Watching cotton candy vendors make pastel-colored puffs using a stick and some powdered sugar is a borderline magical experience. If we can't have a freshly spun sugar cloud to call our own, we'd make sure to choose the largest piece displayed on the wire attached to the vendor's cart.

The Sunny Orange jingle is an unforgettable one. (video via Jeric Casin)

Juice Concentrate
For a lot of Pinoy millennials, fruit juice concentrate was a household staple growing up. Sunny Orange, with its catchy jingle, was a leading favorite. Sing it with us: "Sunny Orange, I love you! Lemon, grape, and strawberry! Sunny Orange, tasty drink! Sunny Orange, super quality!"

Remember the commercial for Serg's Choco Real drink? (video via aianchan80)

Old-school Chocolate
Before we got spoiled for choice by the various imported and artisanal chocolate available on the market, there was Serg's, the 90s kid's first choco love. They had several variants, but our favorite would probably be the colorful candy-coated Moonbits, which were every bit as good as their Stateside counterpart.

It's still a summertime favorite!

Ice Candy
This frozen treat was the perfect way to cool down during a summer afternoon. Eating this was, more often than not, a messy affair (we were still figuring out the art of eating melting food back then), but it  was a learning experience we'll never trade for anything.

Even the Madagascar penguins love the stuff. (video via JoBlo Movie Trailers)

Cheese Curls
On the rare occasion that we were allowed to have junk food for merienda, we would always opt for cheese curls. The best part was when all the curls were gone and we'd end up licking our cheese dust-covered fingers clean!

The perfect dessert for any day. (video via AllRecipes)

Banana Cream Pies
We usually only had pies during special occasions, which made us savor each slice we got to eat. Though the combination of bananas and vanilla cream made it a very indulgent treat, one slice was never enough to satisfy our kiddie sweet tooth.

Even a kid can hack it! (video via Oliver's Videos)

Root Beer Floats
The mere inclusion of the grown-up word "beer" in "root beer" made us feel so badass every time we drank the stuff. Never mind if we preferred our root beer with ice cream—it was still the one drink that made us feel like mature, knowledgeable adults despite being barely 10 years old.

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