8 Struggles Every Barkada Goes Through When Dining

“Saan tayo, guys?”

While eating alone is a relaxing experience, even the most introverted introvert can't deny how fun a meal with the whole barkada can be. It's a great chance to catch up, exchange juicy kwento, and be brought up to speed on everyone's love lives (or lack thereof). Plus, there's food involved! With all the ingredients for a perfect time on hand, what could possibly go wrong?

The surprising answer: a lot. Apparently, the more people in your gang, the more roadblocks you'll encounter during your get-together. Read on to see the logistical struggles we always go through when dining out:

Finding a date and time when you’re all free to come is ridiculously difficult
Damnation on those who still skipped the big dinner after all the trouble the barkada went through scheduling it.

The hardest question in life: “Saan tayo kakain?”
Unless you specifically planned to go somewhere, the responsibility of choosing where you’re going to eat is simply too heavy to be borne by just one person.

Having to wait for a table with enough seats to open up
Everyone deserves the dignity of having their own chair. Too bad the only free tables in the restaurant can only seat a couple of people at a time.

Single vs. shared orders
How your group decides will determine how many more problems will come your way.

Deciding on what to get
Having chosen to order as a group, you will then enter into intense negotiations over what dishes everyone will agree to eat (and pay for!).

Unfair distribution of food
There will always be that one friend who’ll start hoarding one of the dishes and eating more than his fair share.

Not enough food for everyone
Beware: not every dish you order will be able to serve everyone in your barkada.

The ultimate battle: splitting the bill
The possibility of everybody asking for separate checks is something every waiter dreads. Don’t be so inconsiderate and do the math yourselves (that's what phone calculators are for!).

Barkada dinners can be so much trouble, honestly. But the chance to enjoy good food with such excellent company will always be too good to pass up! Which is probably why your barkada's always making plans for yet another gathering despite the intense planning and coordination required to make sure you're all in one room.

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