8 Types of Pinoy Diners You'll Meet in a Restaurant (According to a Waiter)

Are you a food pornographer or a fearless foodie?

Working in the service industry means you get exposed to a whole lot of people every day. If you’re at it long enough, you start to notice that patterns and stereotypes abound. And while some types are exclusive to five-star restos or to streetside carinderias, there are certain kinds of people who will always inevitably show up in your section at the restaurants, waiting for you to take their order. Here are some of them:

The Wi-Fi Vampires
Whether they’re students who’ll order endless cups of coffee, or stressed employees rushing to finish a project during their break, the first thing out of their mouths, even before their order, will always be: “Ano po ang Wi-Fi password niyo?”

The Food Pornographers
Watch as the food you just served them become progressively colder as they take photo after photo of their meal instead of actually enjoying it.

The Other Waiters
Usually seen fiddling with their phones, and constantly looking up in anticipation. They’ll request a glass of water or, if they’re trying to save face, the cheapest thing on the menu, whenever you awkwardly ask them if they’re ready to order.

The Lone Soul
On the other hand, unlike those who are visibly waiting (often in vain) for other people to join them, there are people perfectly content to ask for single-seat tables, order their food promptly and graciously.

The Gregarious Gang
As soon as their barkada walks in, you know the place is about to become a whole lot noisier. Be prepared to be conscripted into taking group photos, and try not to laugh while they struggle to split the bill.

The Picky Eater
If they could customize every single item on their plate, they definitely will, most likely while talking extensively about their gluten-free/lactose-intolerant/vegan/paleo diet.

The Fearless Foodie
These ones are sometimes fun to interact with since they’ll genuinely be interested in your recommendations on what to order. They can quickly get irritating though when they demand you to break down the components of the entire dish, recipes and ingredients included.

The Reliable Regular
These are the folks you become very familiar with quickly.  They usually show up at the same time to order the same thing, and are more likely to throw you a smile and engage you in some friendly small talk than anyone else.

All sorts of people show up at restaurants, and their food demands can range from only the most exotic and expensive to what fits the newest diet fad to what looks the prettiest when photographed. Thankfully, it's not just up to the long-suffering waiters and waitresses to please the customers, but also the magicians in the kitchen who can whip up amazing dishes.

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