Our Latest Obsession: This Almond Cake-Flavored Coffee

Nespresso's new limited-edition range lets you enjoy coffee the Nordic way.

(SPOT.ph) Coffee, for many folks, serves as a means to jolt the senses and survive a weary day out of a sleep-deprived night. But Nespresso invites you to think otherwise—that is, to take a page from the Nordics and their more relaxed approach to their cup of joe. Central to Nordic culture are the concepts of hygge and fika—the untranslatable ideas of cozy contentment in the case of the former, and of making time to pause and catch up with friends and family for the latter. Nespresso paves the way to carving out your own hygge and fika moments with their limited-edition Nordic-inspired range, which they launched just in time for the holiday season.

PHOTO BY Patricia Baes
PHOTO BY Patricia Baes

To launch the special range, Nespresso invited their ambassador JR Abril and asked him to share the basics of coffee and the great pairings to bring out the best of the coffee blends.

The Nordic Black blend has a smooth, cereal-y aftertaste that lingers. 
PHOTO BY Nespresso Philippines

Fronting the range is the Nordic Black coffee, an aromatic and fruity blend of African and South American Arabica coffee that makes for a light-bodied, medium intensity sip. Abril suggests pairing it with cassava cake—the kakanin’s coconut-y profile offers a nuttiness that blends well with the fruity notes of the coffee. 

The Nordic Almond Cake Flavored coffee is inspired by Kvæfjordkake, a traditional Norwegian cake. 
PHOTO BY Nespresso Philippines
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Next up is the Nordic Almond Cake Flavored coffee, an almond-tinged blend with a Livanto coffee base—great for pairing with richer desserts, like tiramisu.

The Nordic Cloudberry Flavored variant is best taken with milk. 
PHOTO BY Nespresso Philippines

Finally, check out the Nordic Cloudberry Flavored coffee, which features the disctinctive tart and sweet flavor of the Nordic fruit of the same name.

The Nordic-inspired range is available at Nespresso's Power Plant mall boutique and at their pop-up stores around the Metro. You can also cop it from the Nespresso website. The 3-Sleeve Nordic Selection is priced at P1,350/30 pods. You can also purchase one coffee pod for P45 each. We suggest you hurry because it’ll only be available until supplies last.

For more information, log on to Nespresso Philippines' website.

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