This Amazing Sapin-Sapin Torte Has Layers of Ice Cream and Leche Flan

And you can get it delivered!

( Sapin-sapin is a well-loved kakanin for many reasons. Its colorful, multi-layered appearance never fails to catch our eye, and its rich, coconuty flavor paired with its ultra-chewy makeup is always a treat for the tastebuds. Now you can have the rice cake as a cold, creamy treat that's perfect for indulging in after a heavy meal—say hello to Sebastian's Ice Cream's new Sapin-Sapin Leche Flan Torte (P145/slice, P1,540/whole).

Check out those colorful layers! 
PHOTO BY Myles Jamito

"This torte is a celebration of Filipino flavors," Sebastian's writes. Each layer has different flavors and not just colors: the local ice cream brand uses real fruit, ube jam, and malagkit rice and pandan for the jackfruit, ube, and kutsinta ice cream layers respectively. The ice cream rests on a latik cookie crust with hint of saltiness and crunch for taste and textural contrast, and is topped with a coconut cream leche flan layer that ties everything together. 

One slice isn't enough, so go ahead and get a whole torte. 
PHOTO BY Myles Jamito
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You can get the Sapin-Sapin Leche Flan Torte delivered via Sebastian's new delivery website, which currently caters to New Manila, San Juan, Pasig, Mandaluyong, Makati, Taguig, Manila, and selected areas in Quezon City. The best part is, the first 100 orders worth P1,000 or higher get a free pint of ice cream (flavor to be chosen by Sebastian's)—so order away! The website also carries other Sebastian's signatures, including the Mangga't Suman Ice Cream (P405/pint), Chocoholics Anonymous Ice Cream (P405/pint), Cookie Dough Duo Chilly Burger (P140), Peanut Butter Paradise Dive Bar (P135), Mango Fruitsicle (P135), and more.

Sebastian's Ice Cream is a local ice-cream artisanal ice cream maker known for their range of classic and quirky ice cream flavors, many of which are patterned after Filipino treats.

For orders, check out Sebastian's Ice Cream's delivery website. For more information, check out Sebastian's Ice Cream's Facebook page.


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