Avo Good One: These Are The Avocado Desserts You've Got to Try Now

Cakes, tarts, ice cream...the list goes on!

PHOTO BY Instagram/avocadozetart, Facebook/Bellefleur by Beatrix

(SPOT.ph) When you think of fruit desserts, what comes to mind are likely those made with strawberries or bananas—and that's fine. But yet another fruit that works its magic in the dessert world is the humble avocado. While it might not be as popular as, say, caramel or chocolate, it has its fair share of fans, and for good reason. Avocado's naturally earthy, buttery flavor makes for especially creamy and decadent sweet creations—and while you likely grew up eating the fruit with milk and sugar at home, there are a lot more ways to enjoy avocados for dessert. We've rounded up the best picks in the Metro that you can get delivered; many of them are seasonal, too, so you'll want to enjoy them while you can.

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Satisfy the avocado cravings with these amazing treats:

Flour Pot's Avocado Cake (P1,950/nine inches)

PHOTO BY Facebook/Flour Pot Rum Cakes Manila

Flour Pot reimagines avocado as a ethereal dessert their Avocado Cake. With layers of sponge cake, avocado custard filling, and avocado buttercream, it's a light yet creamy way to enjoy the seasonal fruit. Just send them a message or give them a call for orders.

For orders, contact 0917-789-2352 or send a message to Flour Pot on Facebook or Instagram.

Lia's Cakes in Season's Avocado Cheesecake (P1,580)

PHOTO BY Lia's Cakes in Season
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Lia's Cakes in Season does magic with avocados, transforming them into all sorts of desserts—and one of their signatures is the Avocado Cheesecake. Avocados lend an earthy flavor to this creamy cheesecake, which is supported by a graham crust. Lia's also offers Avocado Cake (P1,480), Avocado Silvanas (P320/box of four), and Avocado Bars (P420/box of 12). You can place your orders through your website; they offer free shipping for orders over P2,000.

For orders, check out Lia's Cakes in Season's website.


Bellefleur by Beatrix's Frozen Avocado Brazo (P1,400/10-inch round)

Brazo de mercedes gets the avocado treatment in Bellefleur by Beatrix's Frozen Avocado Brazo. With a salty-sweet graham crust, avocado ice cream, custard, and a baked meringue topping, this dessert gives you a medley of different tastes and textures. Send them a message on Facebook or Instagram to order; they accept payments made via GCash or BPI, BDO, or Metrobank bank deposit.

For orders, send Bellefleur by Beatrix a message on Facebook or Instagram.

J.CO Donuts & Coffee's Avocado Dicaprio doughnut (P45/piece)

PHOTO BY J.CO Donuts & Coffee

Avocado and chocolate are a surprising match made in heaven. Try them together in J.CO's Avocado Dicaprio doughnut, which is filled with avocado cream before being dipped in avocado chocolate and garnished with dark chocolate flakes. You can order for delivery through GrabFood or call the store nearest you and book a courier to get it delivered to your doorstep.

See a list of J.CO branches and their contact numbers. You can also find J.CO Donuts & Coffee on GrabFood.

Elait's Avocado Milk (P100)

PHOTO BY Facebook/Elait

If grew up enjoying avocados with sweetened milk, you'll love Elait's Avocado Milk, which is essentially a blended version that you can totally have for breakfast. Made with fresh milk and real avocados, you could really taste the fruit and the mix isn't too sweet. You can get your fix by sending Elait's sister company Overdoughs a message on Facebook.

For orders, send a message to Overdoughs' Facebook page.


Avocadoria.ph's Avocado Lover (P120)

Avocadoria.ph works their magic on avocado in many ways—and one of their standout desserts is the Avocado Lover, a sundae of avocado soft-serve, homemade cream, biscuits, tapioca pearls, avocado chunks, almonds, and flax and chia seeds. Just some of their other offerings are the Avocado Dream (P98), a treat of avocado ice cream topped with a pastillas truffle, served in an eco-friendly avocado shell; as well as the Dark Mocha Avocado Praline Cake (P650) with layers of chocolate cake, sour cream ganache, praline, mocha bavarian, avocado cremeux, and dark chocolate. You can try these desserts by looking for Avocadoria on GrabFood.

For orders, find Avocadoria.ph on GrabFood. You can also check out Avocadoria.ph's Facebook page.

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Merry Moo's Avocado Ice Cream (P135/100 ml, P370/473 ml)

PHOTO BY Merry Moo

Avocado's inherent creaminess make it a naturally great fruit to turn into ice cream. Merry Moo makes an especially rich-tasting Avocado Ice Cream (P135/100 ml, P370/473 ml), made with fresh sun-ripened avocados mixed with cream and sugar. You have the option of ordering from Merry Moo's website, messaging them on Viber, or getting your fix through Fresh Mart or Frozen MNL.

For orders, check out Merry Moo's website, Fresh Mart, or Frozen MNL. You can also send a Viber message to 0917-528-9590.

Avocadoze Tart's Frozen Avocado Tart (P420/5.5-inch pan)

PHOTO BY Instagram/avocadozetart

Avocado ice cream with a kiss of citrus meets a crumbly graham crust in Avocadoze Tart's signature Frozen Avocado Tart (P420/5.5-inch pan), which makes for a refreshing treat on a hot day. You can try it for yourself by messaging Avocadoze Tart on Instagram. They deliver around Metro Manila via Grab or Mr. Speedy.

For orders, send a message to Avocadoze Tart on Instagram.


Dakasi's Creme Avocado

PHOTO BY Facebook/Dakasi Philippines

You can have your avocado fix from Dakasi in two ways: the Creme Avocado, a creamy drink of fresh avocado, fresh milk, and cream; and the Creme Avokkaido (P190), a cross between the Creme Avocado and their Creme Hokkaido with brown sugar syrup for extra depth. You can order these drinks through GrabFood or Foodpanda.

For orders, find Dakasi on GrabFood or Foodpanda. You can also check out Dakasi Philippines' Facebook page.

Bananarama.ph's Avocadorama (price upon request) 

PHOTO BY Bananarama.ph

Bananarama is best known for their banana pudding, but true insiders know that their Avocadorama is another must-try entry on their menu. It's got layers of avocado, vanilla cream, and vanilla cake, and giving you full-on creaminess through and through. It's not in stock at the moment, but keep your eyes on their Instagram page to get alerted when they start making it again. Simply send them a message through text or Instagram to get your fix.

For orders, send a message to Bananarama.ph on Instagram or contact 0929-585-1051.

Grace Park's Avocado Tart (P195)

Even if you don't think you're an avocado person, we promise you that Grace Park's Avocado Tart will have you licking your lips. It's got a lush avocado cream that's silky-smooth on the tongue and barely sweet. Try it for yourself by filling out Grace Park's order form.

For orders, check out Grace Park's order form. For more information, check out Grace Park's Facebook page.


UPDATE (September 9, 3:34 p.m.): Bananarama has clarified that their Avocadorama is not in stock at the moment.

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