All the Places Where You Can Get Great Tiramisu in Manila

Standout versions of this oh-so-creamy dessert that you can get delivered.

( In the realm of desserts, tiramisu remains a well-loved classic for a reason. With a name that means "pick me up", this Italian dessert typically consists of savoiardi (a.k.a. ladyfingers) soaked in coffee (and often, liquor), layered with a mascarpone-cheese mixture and dusted with cocoa powder for a dessert that's part-creamy, part-bittersweet, all parts luscious and decadent. Looking to get your tiramisu fix in the Metro? You've come to the right place—and you don't even have to step out of the house to try them.

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Top 10 Tiramisu in Manila

Hankering for tiramisu? Here's where you can order the classic dessert for delivery:

Little Butter

PHOTO BY Facebook/Little Butter

Little Butter is hailed for its true-to-tradition Tiramisu (P1,300/seven by seven inches, P2,200/nine by 12 inches), which is made with 100% Italian mascarpone cheese and coffee-soaked savoiardi for a rich and decadent dessert. Try it for yourself by messaging Little Butter on Facebook or Instagram.


For orders, send a message to Little Butter on Facebook or Instagram.

Mascarpone Cake by Benassi

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Benassi's version got second place in our Top 10 Tiramisu in Manila list from 2014, and the good news is that you can now take home their signature dessert through Mascarpone Cake by Benassi. It's available in small (P800) and large (P1,500) sizes, both of which pack a thick layer of cream. To get your fix, you can send them a message on Instagram, or send them a text or Viber message.

For orders, send a message to Mascarpone Cake by Benassi on Instagram. You can also send a text or Viber message to 0995-559-8384. You can also check out their Facebook page.

Gab's Just Desserts


Gab's Just Dessert's Classic Tiramisu (P1,300/seven by seven inches) follows tradition with its layers of coffee-dipped savoiardi, a mascarpone-zabaione mixture, cocoa powder, and dark chocolate shavings. For chocolate lovers, they've also got the Nutella Tiramisu (P1,500), which also has Nutella and crushed hazelnuts in the mix. You can try it for yourself by sending a message to their Instagram page.

For orders, send a message to Gab's Just Desserts on Facebook or Instagram.

Cinq Dessert Boutique

PHOTO BY Facebook/Cinq Dessert Boutique

Cinq's take on Tiramisu (P250) is an individual cake that is elegant in its minimalist appearance. Take a forkful, however, and you'll discover a most creamy dessert given ample depth by coffee. To order, send them a message through text or Viber to try it for yourself.

For orders, send a text or Viber message to 0917-833-3445 through text or Viber. You can also check out Cinq Dessert Boutique's Facebook or Instagram pages.


Desserts and Co

Aside from great babka, Desserts and Co also makes swoon-worthy Tiramisu (P580/1,000 ml tub, P1,080/2,500 ml tub). With no eggs or alcohol, their version lets the mascarpone cheese and coffee shine. You can shoot them a message to order, and pay via bank deposit (BPI or Metrobank), GCash, or Paymaya.

For orders, send a message to Desserts and Co's Facebook or Instagram pages.

More from spot


PHOTO BY Facebook/Cibo

Cibo gives the classic dessert a modern twist with the Tiramisu Croccante (P415), which employs a crisp, flaky, buttery pastry in place of the usual ladyfingers, and is served frozen so that the cream firms up into an ice cream-like consistency. Curious? You can place your order through Cibo's website or give them a call.

For orders, check out Cibo's website or contact 8891-1111. You can also check out Cibo's Facebook page.

Bizu Patisserie

PHOTO BY Bizu Patisserie & Bistro

Bizu gives tiramisu a sophisticated touch with their ornate-looking Tiramisu (P325/personal, P1,095/midi, P1,900/grande), which refashions the classic dessert into a visually-striking cake that's almost too pretty to eat. But it's not all looks; it's got coffee liqueur, mascarpone cheese, and a spray of pure cocoa liquer on the exterior, which makes for a balanced flavor profile. You can order through their website.

For orders, check out Bizu Patisserie's website.

Mary Grace Cafe

PHOTO BY Mary Grace Cafe

Mary Grace is a go-to for consistently great cakes at reasonable price points, and their Tiramisu (P404/mini, P1,125/whole) does not disappoint. Employing a coffee-brandy soaked sponge cake and a creamy filling, it's a not-too-sweet treat you'll keep coming back for. You can order from their website or through GrabFood.

For orders, check out Mary Grace Cafe's website or find them on GrabFood.

Tiramissyou MNL

PHOTO BY Facebook/Tiramissyou MNL

Tiramissyou MNL's got more than just a witty name; they've also got great Tiramisu (P350/solo, P650/sharing, P1,050/family, P1,850/celebration) under their sleeves, made with ingredients like savoiardi, mascarpone cheese, Illy coffee, egg yolks, sugar, and cocoa powder. You can message them on social media to place your orders, and pay via BPI bank deposit or GCash.

For orders, send a message to Tiramissyou MNL's Facebook or Instagram page.

a mano


a mano's Tiramisu (P490) delivers full-bodied coffee flavor thanks to the use of Passalacqua coffee, which is perfectly balanced by the overflowing mascarpone and light dusting of cocoa powder. You can order by giving a mano a call a day ahead and paying through BDO bank deposit or GCash.

For orders, contact 0917-552-6266. For more information, check out a mano's Facebook page.


Bychefkin's take on tiramisu is called the Mascarpone Cake (P350/petite, P700/regular), which has a most generous mascarpone cream on coffee- and rum-soaked ladyfingers. They deliver on Wednesdays, Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays from 8:30 a.m. to 12 noon; just fill up their order form to get your fix.

For orders, check out this order form. For more information, check out Bychefkin's Facebook or Instagram pages.

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