This Is Not Your Usual Online Grocery Shopping App

Check out that minimalist interface, for one.

( With most of us staying at home these days, online groceries have become all the rage. No longer do we have to go from aisle to aisle and line up at physical supermarkets, you can get all the food you need delivered right to your doorstep. COOP Grocer is yet another player in the online-grocery scene, where you can get everything from fresh produce to specialty eats with guaranteed next-day delivery.

With the COOP Grocer app, you're never more than a few clicks away from great food.

COOP Grocer comes in the form of a smartphone app that's available for both iOS and Android. Installation is a breeze, and you can register for free.

The app is available for iOS and Android. 
PHOTO BY Screenshot/COOP Grocer App
The interface is easy on the eyes.
PHOTO BY Screenshot/COOP Grocer App

Boasting a minimalist interface with a forest-green and white color scheme, even just browsing through the app is therapeutic—and that's just for starters.

Name it, and they probably have it. 
PHOTO BY Screenshot/COOP Grocer App

What especially sets COOP Grocer apart is its wide selection of offerings, which ranges from fresh produce to meats, snacks, beverages, and even over-the-counter medicine. Here, we round up just some of the tasty finds you can order from the app.

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You can shop these one-of-a-kind eats from the COOP Grocer app:

Breads from Eric Kayser

PHOTO BY Facebook/Eric Kayser Philippines

You can get your daily dose of bread from French brand Eric Kayser. Take your pick from baked goods like the Plain Dinner Rolls (P110/six pieces), Sourdough (P260/loaf), and their famous Croissants (P255/set of three).

Bottled coffee from Harlan + Holden


If you miss going to Harlan + Holden's famous café, you can still get the experience at home with their line of bottled coffee drinks available through COOP. Go for the Cold Brew (P250/500 ml) if you're after a simple but reliable drink. You can also try one of their special blends like the Brown Sugar Latte (P275/500 ml) with brown-sugar molasses syrup, and Madagascar (P275/500 ml) with pure vanilla beans.

Fresh fruits and vegetables


Fresh is best, and COOP's got a sizeable selection of local and imported produce. Go for fruits like the Ripe Yellow Philippine Mango (P285/approximately one kilo) or Asian Kyoho Black Grapes (P549/approximately 600 grams), or vegetables and herbs like the Zucchini (P65/approximately 500 grams), Benguet Rosemary (P80/approximately 100 grams), and Benguet Red Beets (P98/approximately 700 grams).

Salted-egg snacks from The Golden Duck Co.

PHOTO BY Facebook/The Golden Duck Co., Philippines

This Singaporean brand crafts up some of the best salted-egg treats that are potent in flavor. Go for the Salted Egg Yolk Potato Ridges (P315/125 grams) if you're craving spuds, or the Salted Egg Fish Skin Crisps (P315/125 grams) for a crunchy, chicharon-like bite.

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Pasta kits from Mamou


Miss getting your Mamou fix? You can score DIY kits that come with everything you need to prepare your own Mamou-style pasta at home. You can go for the Lorenzo Truffle Big Pasta Set (P995/good for four to six), Al Nero Big Pasta Set (P995/good for four to six), or the Bottarga al Olio Big Pasta Set (P995/good for four to six).

Craft beer from Engkanto

PHOTO BY Facebook/Engkanto

Looking to change it up from your usual booze brands? Try a local craft beer, like the special brews by Engkanto Brewery. Try the Pale Ale (P99/330 ml) if you're after a balanced, citrusy sip, or the Lager Beer (P89/330 ml) for a dry, crisp profile with a hint of lime and tropical fruit. Looking to go heavy? Try the strong and dark Double IPA (P112/330 ml).

All kinds of cheese

PHOTO BY Unsplash/Aliona Gumeniuk

Looking to throw a cheese party at home? COOP carries different brands and varieties so you can assemble your very own cheese platter. If you're after a mild, buttery cheese, try the Assiago Alto (P307/100 grams) or Cheddar Cheese (P281/100 grams). Like it pungent? Go for the Roncari Blue Cheese (P263). And if you're making pasta, be sure to add the Whole Parmesan Cheese Wedge (P149/100 grams) to your cart.

Ice cream from Carmen's Best

PHOTO BY fAcebook/carmen's Best

This homegrown brand is known for their thick, ultra-creamy ice cream, and you can get your fix right from COOP Grocer. You can get everything from their bestselling Salted Caramel (P440/440 ml) and Malted Milk (P440/440 ml) to the fruity Mango (P440/440 ml) and even Avocado (P440/440 ml) Cheese (P440/440 ml) variants.

For more information, check out COOP Grocer on iOS or Android. You can also check out their website or Facebook page.

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