10 Great Strawberry Cakes You Can Order Right Now

Our favorite versions of this creamy, fruity dessert.

PHOTO BY Facebook/WKND Bakes, Facebook/Fraiche Patisserie ILLUSTRATION Warren Espejo

(SPOT.ph) Strawberries have a tart profile that allows them to go with a variety of desserts—and in particular, they make for especially luscious cakes we find ourselves hankering for time and time again. Paired with a sponge cake and cream, you get a happy mix of fluffy, creamy, and fruity profiles—and we’re all for it. Here’ we’ve rounded up the best versions you can order so you can quell that strawberry-cake craving, whenever you please.

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Check out these cakes for excellent strawberry cake you can get delivered:

Sylvia’s Strawberry Shortcake by Nono’s 

PHOTO BY Facebook/Nono's

Don’t just stop at Nono’s famous Chocolate Oblivion; their Sylvia’s Strawberry Shortcake (P1,695/eight inches) is worth saving room for, too, with its soft and delicate consistency and mild sweetness. You can give them a call or order via Foodpanda.

See a list of Nono’s branches and their contact numbers. You can also find Nono's on Foodpanda. For more information, check out Nono’s Facebook page.

WKND Bakes' Strawberry Shortcake 

PHOTO BY Facebook/WKND Bakes

WKND Bakes makes their signature Strawberry Shortcake (P1,500/7.5-by-three inches) with fresh strawberries, and the result is a dessert that’s fluffy, creamy, and full of real fruit. It’s available from Fridays to Sundays, and WKND Bakes can book a Happy Move rider for you to deliver it to your doorstep. Just send them a message on social media to order, and pay via GCash or BPI bank deposit.

For orders, send a message to WKND Bakes on Facebook or Instagram.

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Pâtisserie Bebe Rouge's Strawberry Shortcake 

PHOTO BY Facebook/Patisserie BEBE Rouge

This Japanese-French cake and pastry shop makes an especially fine Strawberry Shortcake (P876/8.26 inches). It’s about as ethereal as you can get, with a light-as-air cake matched with barely-sweet whipped cream and fresh strawberries. You can order through GrabFood to get your fix.

For orders, find Pâtisserie Bebe Rouge on GrabFood. You can also check out Pâtisserie Bebe Rouge’s Facebook page.

Fraiche Patisserie's Strawberry Cream Cake

PHOTO BY Facebook/Fraiche Patisserie

Fraiche Patisserie’s Strawberry Cream Cake (P980/10 inches) oozes strawberries in every layer, as it combines a buttery strawberry sponge cake, strawberry compote, strawberry cream, and more fresh strawberries. You can send them a message on Facebook or Instagram to try it for yourself. They accept payments via BDO bank deposit.

For orders, send a message to Fraiche Patisserie on Facebook or Instagram.

Mary Grace Cafe's Strawberry Shortcake 

PHOTO BY Facebook/Mary Grace Cafe

There’s a Mary Grace Café just about everywhere in the Metro, making their Strawberry Shortcake (P1,798) the most accessible one on this list. It’s got a simple-but-stellar combo of sponge cake, cream, and strawberries that never fails to please. Get your own cake by ordering through their website, or by ordering through GrabFood.

For orders, log on to Mary Grace Café’s website or find Mary Grace on GrabFood.

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Good Karma Bakery's Japanese Minimalist Strawberry Shortcake  

PHOTO BY Facebook/Desserts by Good Karma

More than great strawberry milk, Good Karma Bakery also makes a swoon-worthy Japanese Minimalist Strawberry Shortcake (P1,650) with a snow-white exterior and pretty pink interior. They use Baguio and Benguet strawberries, so you can support local farmers in the process. You can check their website for the available delivery or pickup dates, and place your orders there as well.

For orders, check out Good Karma Bakery’s website.

Sainte Anne Cakes Manila's Strawberry Shortcake 

PHOTO BY Facebook/Sainte Anne Cakes Manila

Beyond their famous Mango Shortcake, Sainte Anne Cakes Manila also makes Strawberry Shortcake made with jumbo strawberries. It comes in Special (P2,000) and Extra Special (P2,500) variants as well, with the latter containing more fruit. Get your fix by sending Sainte Anne Cakes Manila a message on Facebook or Instagram, or giving them a call.

For orders, message Sainte Anne Cakes Manila on Facebook or Instagram, or contact 0917-309-8850.

Indulge Patisserie's Strawberry Cake 


Indulge Patisserie makes cakes that are distinctly soft and fluffy, with whippy frostings that just about match the cake’s lightness. This extends to their nine-inch Strawberry Cake (P2,500), which is made with a fluffy vanilla chiffon-cake base, fresh strawberries, and a fruity strawberry frosting with a mellow pink hue. You can palace your orders through their website.

For orders, visit Indulge Patisserie’s website.

Miuccia’s Luxe Cakes' Strawberry Cake 

PHOTO BY Facebook/Miuccia's Luxe Cakes

Avoiding animal products, but still want to enjoy the goodness of a strawberry cake? Look no further than Miuccia’s Luxe Cakes’ eight-inch Strawberry Cake (P2,550), which is made with a vegan lemon sponge, white chocolate mousse, vanilla whipped cream, and strawberries with Benguet. With its blend of rich and fruity flavors, you won’t even miss the eggs or dairy. You can order by sending Miuccia’s Luxe Cakes a message on Facebook or Instagram.


For orders, send Miuccia’s Luxe Cakes a message on Facebook or Instagram.

Wildflour's Strawberry Cream Cake 

PHOTO BY Wildflour

Once again, we find ourselves asking, “What can’t Wildflour do well?” Their Strawberry Cream Cake (P255/slice, P1,200/mini cake, P2,550/whole cake) is no exception. It’s a light and balanced-tasting version, with real strawberries for the occasional pop of tartness. You can order this cake through their website or by sending their delivery leg Wildflour To-Go a message on Instagram.

For orders, check out Wildflour’s website or send a message to Wildflour To-Go’s Instagram page.

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