Patis Honey-Glazed Doughnuts Exist, and Here's Where You Can Get Them

PHOTO BY Rogue Doughnuts ILLUSTRATION Warren Espejo

( If we asked you what your favorite doughnut flavor is, chances are, it's something along the lines of chocolate, choco-butternut, or Boston cream. We'll always have a soft spot for those flavors—but it's also worth going out of your comfort zone to explore the other possibilities with fried dough. How does a Patis Honey-Glazed Doughnut sound? Yup, it exists, courtesy of online doughnut shop Rogue Doughnuts.

Love sweet and salty treats? The Patis Honey-Glazed Doughnut's for you!
PHOTO BY Rogue Doughnuts

Don't knock it till you've tried it: the Patis Honey-Glazed Doughnut (P95) takes advantage of the one-of-a-kind umami flavor of fish sauce to add a welcome oomph to the sweet doughnut. If you're skeptical, just think of how sea salt takes the flavors to a whole new level in the case of salted caramel.

Rogue Doughnuts created their doughnuts in collaboration with renowned pastry chef Miko Aspiras, and the result is a one-of-a-kind flavor lineup that takes familiar flavors and reimagines them in a new light. They've got a chocolate doughnut, sure, but it's not just any chocolate doughnut—it's the 64% Mindanao Dark Chocolate with Cacao Nibs (P95) doughnut. Prefer a nutty bite? Try Rogue's Choco Hazel-Butternut (P125) doughnut, which is stuffed with hazelnut cream and topped with a peanut crumble.

The 64% Mindanao Dark Chocolate with Cacao Nibs is for serious chocolate lovers.
PHOTO BY Rogue Doughnuts
The Choco Hazel-Butternut has double the nutty goodness with a hazelnut-cream filling and a peanut crumble. 
PHOTO BY Rogue Doughnuts
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If you like it fruity, you're in luck: choose from the Lemon Salt Meringue (P125) filled with fresh lemon curd and topped with torched meringue, or the Calamansi Glazed (P95) which is topped with a fresh glaze of the said citrus. And if you can't get enough of purple yam, be sure to add a piece or two of the ube halaya-filled, cheese shreds-topped Ube Cheese (P125) to your cart!

The Lemon Salt Meringue is perfect for fans of lemon meringue tarts!
PHOTO BY Rogue Doughnuts
Our own calamansi shines in the Calamansi Glazed variant.
PHOTO BY Rogue Doughnuts
The Ube Cheese gives you another way to enjoy the purple yam + cheese tandem.
PHOTO BY Rogue Doughnuts

Beyond the intriguing flavors, Rogue makes sure they get their foundation right. They employ a sourdough base and cook every piece fresh and in small batches (which is crucial, as doughnuts are the kind of food that's best enjoyed fresh!). Their dough, glazes, and fillings are also made in-house every day, using local ingredients.

Rogue reimagines doughnuts in an artisanal light.
PHOTO BY Rogue Doughnuts

Looking to try these doughnuts? You can get your hands on a box of three or six by ordering through their website. They accept payments via Paypal and credit card, and deliver via Mr. Speedy.

And if you're looking for more doughnuts, you're in luck, as you can find lots of great versions in Manila. Just some of our other favorite doughnut shops in the Metro are Pufft and Bungalow Cafe.

Pufft fills their doughnuts with fun and whimsical fillings, like Caramel Cream and Mixed Berries Cheesecake. 
PHOTO BY Pufft Doughnuts
Bungalow Cafe is another place where you can get great doughnuts.
PHOTO BY Bungalow Cafe

For orders, check out Rogue Doughnuts' website. You can also visit their Facebook or Instagram pages.

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