These Gooey Cinnamon Rolls With Peaches and Masala Chai Are Not Your Usual

Here's a new way to enjoy the well-loved baked treat.

PHOTO BY Facebook/Residencia 50 ILLUSTRATION Warren Espejo

( Cinnamon rolls are plenty indulgent on their own, melding together the goodness of cinnamon, a buttery dough, and a tangy cream-cheese frosting. But they take well to other flavors, too. We've seen variations with ube and even Fruity Pebbles cereal, but here's something even more intriguing and swoon-worthy: the Peach Chai Masala Cinnamon Rolls offered by Iloilo tropical guesthouse Residencia 50.

These are not your usual cinnamon rolls!
PHOTO BY Facebook/Residencia 50

The Peach Chai Masala Cinnamon Rolls have the flavors of masala chai—a blend of tea and different spices—plus a burst of fruitiness from tart, juicy peaches. It's like your favorite peach tea given a warm, spiced twist in the form of buttery cinnamon rolls! A box of six goes for P510, while a box of 12 goes for P990.

Peaches add a welcome tartness and zing to these rich treats.
PHOTO BY Facebook/Residencia 50

Residencia 50's got other cinnamon-roll flavors under their roster, too. You can go for the tried-and-tested Classic (P450/half-dozen, P900/dozen), or try the one-of-a-kind Apple Rhum (P510/half-dozen, P990/dozen).

You can't go wrong with the Classic Cinnamon Rolls.
PHOTO BY Facebook/Residencia 50
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If you prefer a savory-sweet treat, they've also got the Bacon Maple Walnut (P510/half-dozen, P990/dozen). And for a limited time, they'll also be offering the Candied Pecan (P510/half-dozen, P990/dozen) variant full of rich candied nuts.

The Bacon Maple Walnut variant is perfect for breakfast.
PHOTO BY Facebook/Residencia 50
They've got a Candied Pecan variant, too!
PHOTO BY Facebook/Residencia 50

Stuck in Manila and hankering for great cinnamon rolls? Some of our favorites here in the Metro are the fluffy Cinnabuns by Abigail and the Sourdough Cinnamon Rolls by WKND Bakery.

Here in Manila, we love Abigail's oh-so-fluffy Cinnabuns...
PHOTO BY Abigail's
and WKND Bakery's Sourdough Cinnamon Rolls!

For more information, check out Residencia 50's Facebook or Instagram pages.

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