Choco Mallows Are All Grown Up in These Dark Mallow Cubes

It's made with dark chocolate, for one.

( Our childhood wouldn't be the same if not for Choco Mallows—the layered confection of chocolate, marshmallows, and biscuits that made our recess breaks all the more sweet. Now that you're an adult, chances are you still find yourself craving it to this day. We recently spotted a similar treat that your grownup self would appreciate: Meet the Dark Mallow Cubes by online seller Café Friday!

Dark Mallow Cubes

Dark Mallow Cubes
The chocolate-marshmallow-biscuit combo gets a grownup and artisanal twist.
PHOTO BY instagram/CafeFriday_

Café Friday's Dark Mallow Cubes (a.k.a. DMC) are similar to good ol' Choco Mallows in that they've got the chocolate-mallow-biscuit combination. Each cube is made with fluffy homemade marshmallows, Belgian dark chocolate, and a shortbread crust that's as buttery as can be! You can get a box of four for P480, or a box of six for P680; just send Café Friday a message on Facebook or Instagram to get your fix.


Aside from the Dark Mallow Cubes, Café Friday also makes what they call the Shorties (P480/box of eight, P680/box of 12)—all-butter shortbread dipped in Belgian dark chocolate and topped with sea salt flakes. You can also get the Café Box—a box with three Dark Mallow Cubes and six Shorties—for P580 if you prefer. For the month of February, they're also selling The Grunchy (P680/four inches, P2,200/nine inches), a tart of salted caramel on a cocoa-shortbread crust, topped with creamy chocolate ganache.

Dark Mallow Cubes
The Shorties feature the simple-but-stellar combo of buttery shortbread, Belgian dark chocolate, and sea salt.
PHOTO BY Facebook/Cafe Friday
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Dark Mallow Cubes
They've also got The Grunchy as their February special.
PHOTO BY Facebook/Cafe Friday

For orders, send a message to Café Friday on Facebook or Instagram.

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