Spotted: A Giant Choc Nut Cake That Trese's Nuno Would Go Nuts Over 

Yeah, you're going to need quality tea to trade for this one.

The Bunny Baker's Giant Chocnut Cake
PHOTO BY Facebook/The Bunny Baker ILLUSTRATION Warren Espejo

( Aside from being in awe at the amazing talent of Filipino artists and excited to see Filipino mythology in a modern light, there's one more thing Trese had us feeling—and that's craving Choc Nut, real bad. ICYMI, the distinctly Filipino chocolate-peanut confection was featured in the show as a way for titular character Alexandra Trese to bribe supernatural character Nuno into giving her all the info needed. But what really surprised us was the sheer size of the thing: In contrast to the usual small, roughly thumb sized bars we get in real life, the Choc Nut in Trese looks almost about the size of a smartphone! We don't quite have that in real life (there is a slightly bigger version of the candy called Choc Nut SP, but it's still no match for Trese's)—but we spotted an intriguing dessert that comes close. Check out the Giant Chocnut Cake by local cake shop The Bunny Baker!

The Bunny Baker's Giant Chocnut Cake
Actual giant Choc Nut may not exist for now, but you can go for this cool cake!
PHOTO BY Facebook/The Bunny Baker
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The Giant Chocnut Cake looks just a giant Choc Nut bar that's partially unwrapped, placed on a 1.5-inch cake-stage platform covered in fondant (decorated to look like a wooden board). Save for the cake stage, everything in this roughly-10 inch long cake is edible! And though initially created for an online contest they held on June 12, you can also order it for any upcoming celebrations you might be having: It goes for P5,000 a cake, and you can choose the cake flavor underneath—Chocolate (their recommendation), Vanilla, Red Velvet, Banana Speculoos, Carrot, Rainbow, or Funfetti.

The Bunny Baker's Giant Chocnut Cake
Who wouldn't you be able to bribe your own peers with a sweet slice of this cake? 
PHOTO BY Facebook/The Bunny Baker

If you're intrigued like we are, you can place your orders by messaging The Bunny Baker on social media, giving them a call, or sending them an email. Do place your orders two weeks in advance, as their slots get filled up fast. 

For orders and inquiries, send The Bunny Baker a message on Facebook or Instagram. You can also call 7622-3326 or send an email to

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