10 Tasty Treats in Cebu to Give Your Foodie Friend (Or Yourself)

PHOTO Courtesy of SALT by John Mark / Courtesy of Alie’s Handcrafted Baked Goods

(SPOT.ph) For some of us—make that most of us—food is a respite. Especially during those times when you can get your hands on exceptionally good fare. Thankfully, there's no lack of that in Metro Cebu. The next time you're deeply in need of a treat for yourself or someone special, check out this list of top-tier food aand drink items you can order.


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Need something to look forward to? Sink your teeth into these tasty treats from Cebu shops:

Assorted Cheesecakes (starts at P550) from Cheezken

PHOTO BY Emm Tancinco

With all the dazzling colors on a single cake, Cheezken’s assorted cheesecakes are sure to catch anyone’s eye. From P550 to P800, you can get eight different-flavored slices on one cake board. And guess what, there’s no shortage of flavors to choose from! There are your classic flavors—blueberry, mango, salted caramel, and Oreo. And there are flavors that you wouldn’t expect—matcha, red velvet, ube, and brownie. You can easily choose a set straight off their menu or customize your own entirely. That way everyone will get the flavor they want, and you get to sneak a taste of theirs too!

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Cheezken is along Don Gervacio Quijada Street, Guadalupe, Cebu City.  For more information, visit their Facebook page or their Instagram page. Available online via Foodpanda and Let’s Eat Bai delivery.

Smashable Heart (starts at P750 a set) from Krave Café 

PHOTO BY Instagram / Krave's Cafe

Krave’s Smashable Heart (starts at P750 a set) is an interactive treat that’s a total experience. It’ll make you feel like a kid again—or maybe like you were invited to the launch of Kim K’s perfume. Remember that?


Break the chocolate heart with the wooden mallet, and you’ll find four mini cupcakes, four pieces of Ferrero Rocher, and other imported chocolates. You can even ask them to stash a note or a small gift inside the chocolate. Each box also comes with a hot cocoa bomb, six oatmeal chip cookies, and two mini heart chocolate clusters.

Krave Cafe is at 40 Salinas Drive, Lahug, Cebu City.  For more information, visit their Facebook page or their Instagram page.

Deb’s Mango Tart (P600) 

PHOTO BY Francesca Fernandez

Remember that special dessert that your favorite tita or lola makes on every special occasion and you end up thinking about it for the rest of the entire year—or at least until the next reunion? That’s Deb’s Mango Tart (P600) for us. It features rows of sliced mangoes neatly lined up and covered in a clear, shiny layer of gelatin. With their lush and tangy flavor, you can tell these mangoes are fresh as can be— and they go beautifully with the cream and flaky crust. You’ll want to grab a slice as soon as you see it.

These tarts are available for pre-order as each tart is baked by Debbie herself. She makes sure that the mangoes are always the perfect kind of ripe. No wonder this tart has been giving Cebuanos a sense of motherly comfort since the 1980s.

Deb’s is at Silverhills, Talamban, Cebu City. For more information, contact (032) 505-2693 or 0917-322-0207.


Tres Leches Cake in Tin Can (starts at P360) from Alie’s Handcrafted Baked Goods

PHOTO Courtesy of Alie’s Handcrafted Baked Goods

What makes Alie’s take on the classic milk cake stand out is the number of flavors to choose from. The Quezo Tres Leches Cake (P380), for one, is a savory-sweet revelation with its combination of sweet cake and salty cheese—The Mixed Fruits Tres Leches (P380) not only looks striking with the chopped kiwi, grape, and mango toppings; these fruits also add freshness and acidity to balance out the cake’s richness. Other flavors are the Dalgona Tres Leches Cake (P380), Cereal Tres Leches Cake (P360), and Mango Tres Leches Cake (P380).


Alie’s Handcrafted Baked Goods is along Bauhinia Drive, Banilad, Cebu City. For more information, visit their Facebook page or their Instagram page.

Graze Box (starts at P2,000) from SALT by John Mark

PHOTO Courtesy of SALT by John Mark

Grazing boxes and charcuterie boards have been on virtually everyone’s Instagram stories. If you’re looking for something #aesthetic and easily giftable, SALT by John Mark’s Graze Boxes is a solid option. Each box comes with an assortment of high-quality bread, pretzels, dried fruits, nuts, premium cheeses, and cold cuts, which you can customize further. The usual choices for the cured meats are prosciutto, coppa, and salame. You can also add a small bottle of wine for P500 to P4,000.


These Graze Boxes come in different sizes—Petite (P2,000) for one to two persons, Medio (P3,800) for four to six people, and Grande (P7,900) for a party of ten to 15.

SALT by John Mark is along Don Gervacio Quijada Street, Guadalupe, Cebu City.  For more information, contact 0917-518-2111, or visit their Facebook page or their Instagram page

Sugar Glazed Ham (P880) from Maricita's Kitchen

PHOTO Courtesy of Maricita’s Kitchen

Despite ham’s Noche Buena icon status, we say it’s still fair game throughout the rest of the year when it’s this good.. Maricita Diaz Cancio’s Sugar Glazed Ham (P880) is homemade, making it much tastier than its commercial counterparts. The meat is rightfully tender with just the right shade of smokiness. It’s also glazed to give it that familiar sweetness. Trust us—the push-and-pull between the sweet, smoky, and savory flavors will keep coming back for another taste until it’s all gone.

Maricita’s Kitchen is at Banilad, Cebu City. For more information, contact 0917-321-2883, or visit their Facebook page

Lechon Baka (starts at P700) from Steve’s Lechon Baka Services 

PHOTO Courtesy of Steve’s Lechon Baka

We see you—the lechon baka craze hit hard this year, and there’s no reason to stop now. Steve’s Lechon Baka (P700/500 grams, P1,200/kilo) is fork-tender and intensely flavorful. It's smoky, which enhances the meat’s natural flavors. But what actually makes Steve’s so memorable is their signature sauce—it’s sweet, savory, peppery, and has a smooth consistency that goes marvelously with the meat. Everyone will be breaking their no-rice diet New Year’s Resolution with this dish; as they should, we say.

Steve’s Lechon Baka Services is in Cabancalan, Mandaue City. For more information, visit their Facebook page or their Instagram Page.

White Claw and Truly Lemonade (P180/can) from Hard Seltzer Cebu

PHOTO Courtesy of Hard Seltzer Cebu

Think fruit juice, sparkling water, and a hint of alcohol—that's what hard seltzer basically is. If you want a drink that feels light but can actually get you white-girl wasted, Hard Seltzer Cebu is here to provide. White Claw (P180/can) comes in a ton of flavors but the bestsellers are Black Cherry, Mango, and Watermelon. The owner Sabin also recommends Truly brand Lemonade and Iced Tea (P180/can respectively) for sweeter drink options. They’re still alcoholic though, so don’t let that fool you. Fair warning: You’ll only feel the subtle fizz until it’s too late. Drink responsibly!

Hard Seltzer Cebu is along M.L. Quezon Street, Mandaue City. For more information, visit their Instagram page.

Bottled Cocktails (starts at P210/bottle) from Jigger & Gene Craft Cocktails  

PHOTO Instagram/Jigger & Gene Craft Cocktails

Bottled cocktails are great because the only other thing you need is ice. Jigger & Gene’s bottled cocktails (P270/bottle) come in no-frills, easy-to-carry bottles. They have so many mixes to choose from that you might end up wanting to try everything but if you’re looking for a place to start, we suggest any of these: Gypsy’s Nip, a sweet mix of gin, lychee, elderflower, and fresh lemon juice; Adios Amigo, a citrusy vodka cocktail with Thai basil, dalandan, and mandarin orange; and Verde Tundra, a refreshing drink with gin, cucumber shrubs, fresh lemon, kiwi, and mint water.

Jigger & Gene Craft Cocktails is at Horseshoe Hills, Banawa, Cebu City. For more information, visit their Facebook page or their Instagram page.

Strong Zero, Horoyoi, and Soju (starts at P85/can) from Iss-a Mart 

PHOTO Courtesy of Iss-a Mart

Let’s be real, who hasn’t seen Iss-a Mart’s cute posts on social media? These drinks look super cute, anyone who receives it won’t be able to resist taking photos of these cans for the Gram! Just add P50 for an additional gift box, and you’ve found the perfect present.

Send Suntory’s notorious “black out” drink, Strong Zero (P130/can) to a friend who’s in it to win it (or in this case, lose it—responsibly, we hope). It’s a highly carbonated drink with 9% alcohol content, strong fruity flavors, and a subtle alcoholic aftertaste. Flavors to try are the Peach, Triple Grape, and Double Lemon. Sunotory’s Horoyoi (P85/can) is also a must-try. It only has 3% alcohol, making it a good option for people looking for a lighter buzz. Our faves are peach, white grape, and lychee. Finally, there’s soju (P110/bottle) for your friend obsessed with K-Dramas. Usually paired with oily eats, it's a good way to melt that heavy meal you just had. 


Iss-a Mart is in Banawa, Cebu City. For more information, visit their Facebook page or their Instagram page.

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