On Our Wishlist: Dark Chocolate + Strawberry KitKats That'll Sweep You Off Your Feet

kitkat dark chocolate + strawberry
PHOTO BY Amazon/KitKat ILLUSTRATION Patricia Baes

(SPOT.ph) With its crisp and light wafers and rich coating of chocolate, KitKats are one of those classic treats that you can rely on for a satisfying sugar fix—and even in its most plain iteration it hardly needs improvement. But its wafer-plus-chocolate combo also happens to be uber-versatile—so much so that it's known to be available multiple flavor iteratons all around the world! Over in the U.S., KitKats are even going the bittersweet-meets-fruity route as the confectionery brand is coming out with a Dark Chocolate + Strawberry flavor variation soon.


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Talk about a berry crave-worthy treat. 
PHOTO BY Amazon/KitKat

Check out the soon-to-be-released strawberry-chocolate flavored version of KitKat:

As the name implies, Dark Chocolate + Strawberry KitKats give you the deep, dusky thrum of dark chocolate, given a welcome dose of brightness thanks to their own strawberry-flavored creme. If you're a fan of Japanese brand Meiji's famous Apollo chocolates, these KitKats are similar—but with the snappiness of wafers, and a darker chocolate in the mix.

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This special flavor is set to come out before Valentine's day in the U.S.—makes sense, given how it mimics the V-Day staple of chocolate-covered strawberries—and yup, it'll be a permanent addition to their flavor lineup! There's no word of it being available in the Philippines unfortunately, but we're praying to the KitKat gods that the brand considers bringing it over to our shores as well. In the meantime, though, how's about getting your chocolate fix via one of these excellent Filipino bean-to-bar brands?

For more information, check out KitKat's U.S. website.

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