See How Whisky Brings Out the Best of Great Eats at These Can't-Be-Missed Dinners

the singleton social, mijo
PHOTO BY Patricia Baes ILLUSTRATOR: Warren Espejo

( There's dinner with friends, then there's dinner with friends that's also got good booze involved. Having alcohol in there makes a world of a difference. And when drinking to socialize, our minds veer toward the likes of beer, tequila, vodka, and gin. Often forgotten is whisky, which tends to be dismissed as a brooding (possibly intimidating) gentleman's beverage. This is far from a bad thing, to be clear—but it also potentially obscures the distilled liquor's versatility. Enter The Singleton Social, a series of dinners across some of Manila's best-loved restaurants where you can sip on A+ whisky-based cocktails alongside hearty dishes.

the singleton social, the singleton orchard
Sip on whisky and whisky-based libations of different personalities...
PHOTO BY Patricia Baes
the singleton social, picanha
.While noshing on hearty eats from some of the best dining spots in the city.
PHOTO BY Patricia Baes

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Here's when and where you can catch The Singleton Social dinners in Manila:

Every Singleton Social dinner features The Singleton of Dufftown 12 Years Old whisky—itself known for its citrusy, spicy character with an oaky, fruity finish—that you can have neat, on the rocks, and/or turned into fun and festive cocktails: the brand's signature Singleton Orchard with apple juice and soda water, and a special second cocktail that's exclusive to the restaurant. Alongside these sips you get to nosh on flavorful eats from some of the best dining spots in the city! See the list of participating restaurants below:

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Here's a bit of a preview: during the recent launch event at Mijo Comfort Food, entrepreneur and social-media personality Erwan Heusaff also whipped up what he calls the Singleton Grapefruit Sour. With lemon juice and grapefruit mingling with The Singleton of Dufftown 12 YO, it was a zingy, effervescent number that brought out the flavors of Mijo's signatures—just some of which are the umami-bomb Aligue Gambas, the smoky Guanciale Caesar Salad, the hearty Truffle Jamon Pasta (with their house-made rye linguini), and rightfully medium-rare Picanha using Bolzico Beef.

the singleton social, erwan heussaff
Erwan Heussaff hosted the dinner series' launch, held at Mijo in Poblacion.
PHOTO BY Patricia Baes
the singleton social, grapefruit sour
He fashioned this zingy Grapefruit Sour with The Singleton of Dufftown 12 YO...
PHOTO BY Patricia Baes
the singleton social, aligue gambas
...Which paired beautifully with Mijo's signatures (care of Chef Enrique Moreno!), like this deeply savory Aligue Gambas. 
PHOTO BY Patricia Baes

Curious? Definitely give The Singleton Philippines' Instagram page a follow for updates on upcoming runs of The Singleton Social. From there, you can message the restaurant on Instagram to join in on the fun.

the singleton whisky
PHOTO BY The Singleton Philippines

The Singleton is an award-winning brand of single malt Scotch whisky.


For more information, check out The Singleton Philippines' Instagram page.

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