Add Variety to Your Christmas Potluck Party With These Dishes

Who says you can't bring them to a Christmas party?


( With the Christmas season comes all the invites to various Christmas parties. A good number of these get togethers will be potluck-style, and for the busy person doing the December hustle, there is just no time to whip up a contribution from scratch.


Aside from that, it's always difficult to look for something appropriate to bring that can feed a sizeable group, while being affordable. Also: cue in humiliating music when you find out that you and four other people brought the same thing to the party (sorry, generic pancit in a bilao).


But you don’t have to let your potluck game suffer. The solution: bring one (or more) of these Tokyo Tokyo Christmas Trays to your next potluck party.


For the requisite high school and college barkada get-together



Usher in the holiday spirit with the Tokyo Tokyo California Maki (P300) and the Yakisoba Party Trays (P700). Your friends will enjoy a chill party with easy-to-eat Japanese food. After this, they'll all be calling you their "fancy" friend. 


For the work-friends reunion



Letting your hair down with people you only see at work usually means bringing your appetite with you. Share a Mixed Party Tray (P1200) from Tokyo Tokyo—you can combine Mixed Karaage and Pork Tonkatsu, or Chicken Teriyaki and Beef Misono—and be the boss of that party.


For the extended family reunion



Family gatherings require you to bring something that everyone can enjoy. Select from Chicken Karaage Party Tray, Pork Tonkatsu Party Tray, Chicken Teriyaki Party Tray, or Beef Misono Party Tray that'll easily feed 8-12 hungry relatives.


You can also make your Christmas parties hassle-free by ordering complete pre-packed bento meals by the bulk, or simply just have your party catered by Tokyo Tokyo. After all, food is such an integral part of the holiday season in this country—diversify the menu and have a little more fun at a Christmas party. Isn’t that what the holidays are for anyway?



For more information about the Tokyo Tokyo Party Trays, click here.

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