Attention, KBBQ Fans: March 3 Is Samgyeopsal Day in South Korea

Just when we thought the perfect holiday didn’t exist, we just discovered that Samgyeopsal Day is actually a thing that people celebrate in South Korea. Mark your calendars and get your pork belly ready for March 3—the third day of the third month of the year. It's actually kind of perfect because, ICYDK, the “sam” in samgyeopsal literally means “three” and refers to the three layers of fat on the meat! Now that’s a fun fact you can share with your friends the next time you eat together—you’re welcome.

So yes, Samgyeopsal Day is for real. And the good news is we can also celebrate with a samgyup feast here in the Philippines, within the comforts of our homes. To help you get started, we rounded up the top three things you should do to help complete your DIY samgyup-at-home experience so you can celebrate it ~authentically~, the way the Koreans do it:

Prep the perfect sides

While you can pair your pork belly with almost any dish, it’s best to prep the traditional banchan—a.k.a. Korean side dishes—for a more authentic touch. This includes kimchi, japchae, fish cakes, pickled radish, soybean sprouts, egg roll omelet, and spicy cabbage soup!

There’s also ssamjang, which is a flavorful KBBQ dipping sauce made with Korean chili paste and seasoned with honey, garlic, sesame oil, among others. And of course, there’s fresh lettuce to wrap the meat with and mellow out the spiciness of the sauce and other sides.

Master the *art* of cooking and eating it

To pull off a *legit* samgyeopsal feast at home, you have to put a lot of time and effort into grilling your pork belly. Start by prepping the veggies and spices you’d like to grill with your meat. Heat the grill pan and pour a tiny bit of sesame oil before placing the pork belly on the grill—and if you’ve never tried grilling kimchi on the side, now is the time to try it.

Pro tip: Don’t flip the meat too many times. Let it sizzle and cook completely to get a good sear on each side. Once the meat is cooked, you can cut it into small pieces and start wrapping it with lettuce. Eat, but keep cooking! And of course, your samgyup experience wouldn’t be complete without doing what the Koreans do: eat the ssam in one big bite!

Pair it with Jinro soju

In South Korea, a samgyeopsal meal is never truly complete without soju—and Hallyu stans know this very well. Jinro's straightforward flavor profile cuts right through the juicy, fatty pork belly and makes you want more of both! If you haven’t tried pairing this drink with samgyup yet, then you’re missing half the experience!

Why not give it a shot? Celebrate Samgyoepsal Day with an ice-cold bottle or two of Jinro Soju.

Even better: You can choose from different Jinro variants depending on your taste preference! Jinro Chamisul Original is for those who enjoy the classic, while Jinro Chamisul Fresh is better if you prefer something neat (without fruity flavors) but easier on the alcohol content.

If you like your alcohol on the fruity side, there’s also Jinro Grapefruit, Jinro Green Grape, Jinro Plum, and Jinro Strawberry —all of which bring a playful touch to the classics while maintaining that light and refreshing taste we all know and love.

Check out Jinro Soju’s official stores on Lazada, Shopee, Booze Shop, Boozy, LiquorPH, and Clink. For more information, visit Jinro Philippines’ official website or follow the brand on Facebook and Instagram.



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