LOOK: Coleen Garcia just made Noche Buena a whole lot more interesting

Sometimes, it's all about your choice of drink.

Noche Buena is just around the corner, and everyone couldn't be more excited. After all, it's the perfect time to gather everyone around. For Coleen Garcia, however, it’s not just the food that makes Noche Buena enjoyable. Sometimes, it's all about your choice of drink.

Good thing she's bringing Andy home for Christmas, and she wants you to meet him.

You don’t have to limit yourself to the good ol’ red or white wine choices to make a good pairing between food and drink. In case you haven't heard, a whisky like Andy Player can be just as fun, if not more so. After all, you can drink it as is, or you can mix it with various other elements like citrus, syrup, and whatever else your imagination could come up with.

Coleen describes Andy as “may pagka-sweet." Given this flavor profile, there should be no problem sipping a glass of whisky for appetizers, especially for those who’d like to kick off the festivities with a good slice of bread and butter. Don’t go all in, though, because you’ll still need space for the rest of the main course, such as the Pinoy favorite grilled seafood dish, rellenong bangus.

For Coleen, this could be a pleasant surprise, especially with how well the mild, oaky sweetness of Andy can complement the smoky flavor of the grilled fish and its stuffing. Roasted chicken, saucy beef, or even buttered vegetables can also find a very good pair with whisky.

Of course, no traditional Noche Buena will be complete without the well-loved queso de bola. Can you guess what else Coleen thinks goes great with this native cheese? Why, whisky, of course!

Whether on the rocks or mixed up with a bit of cola, Coleen perfectly sums up why Andy Player deserves to be there during Noche Buena. Watch this:

Go ahead, share Andy Player with your friends and family—it's a drink they will surely enjoy meeting this Noche Buena. 

Andy Player is available in all leading stores and supermarkets for P150. To know more about it, visit www.haveyoumetandy.com.

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