Here's How to Pull Off a Low-Key Game Night Everyone Can Enjoy

Break out the boardgames, not the drama.


( A successful game night doesn't have to be a drama-filled, multi-game event complete with banquet-level food and drinks. Sometimes, a low-key affair that doesn't require dressing up or spending a lot works even better. All you need are these four essentials:


Great company
This is the most important part of your game night. Regardless of what you have prepared, it’s really the people that will set the tone for things.


A backup game
You may already have a particular game in mind, but it’s good to mix things up every once in a while. Familiar board games are good party starters, but nothing beats discovering the wonders of a new game for the first time.


Ample space
Whether you’re around the dining table or huddled in the living room, make sure that you have enough gaming real estate. Some board games take up a lot of space; playing in cramped quarters also means higher chances of losing game pieces.


Good food
Fact: Food brings everyone together. People come for the games and the company, but they definitely stay for the food.


For low-key game nights, why not skip the food prep altogether and just order pizza? If you have a new game to debut, have a novel pizza like the Shakey’s Scallop Primo Pizza to accompany it.


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This article was created by Summit Storylabs in partnership with Shakey's.
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