It's True, You Can Order Your McDo Favorites by Doodling Them on IG Stories

You can sketch, and use stickers or GIFs.


( McDonald's delivery service has been a reliable resource for people who crave a filling meal, or those who feel hungry even at the most ungodly hours. Whichever the case, McDo delivers.


If you think McDelivery can't get any more creative, think again. McDo has come up with a fun way to take orders—from 1 p.m. to 5 p.m. on June 8, customers can order their meals by doodling on Instagram Stories. You can use GIFs and stickers, or even sketch your orders—be creative!





Here are the steps to making sure your doodles get delivered:


1. Set your Instagram account to public.


2. Doodle your McDo food order on Instagram Stories.


3. Tag @McDo_PH and publish your story to notify McDo regarding your order.


4. Wait for confirmation via @McDo_PH Instagram Direct Message or a phone call. Be on standby to avoid cancellation of your order.


5. Once McDo has your delivery details, your order will be processed accordingly.


Not clear yet how #Doodelivery works? Watch this video:



Instead of ordering your favorite McDo meals through the more traditional ways, why not stretch your artistic muscles and doodle your next McDelivery order? Share your experience online and use #Doodelivery!


For more information about the #Doodelivery, go to this website.


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