Level Up Your Fries Palate With These Crispy and Golden Fries From Bonchon

Skip those soggy fries!



(SPOT.ph) Every fries lover knows what makes the perfect fry—it’s that golden crisp perfection, that lip-smacking flavor, and the crunch that comes with every bite.


Well-known for its glazed wings, Bonchon has whipped up something that deserves just as much spotlight as their glazed wings: the new Bonchon K-Fries.



This take is simple yet unique: The potatoes are seasoned to elevate their flavor, then fried to a golden-brown perfection. The first bite will give you a crunchy sensation packed with the potato’s unique flavor.


The thinly sliced potatoes are fried twice to get the crunch that coats the spud. It’s not too peppery and not too bland—it’s seasoned just right so you can enjoy each fry. Dip it in ketchup if you want, but you can enjoy it without extra help.


Bonchon’s K-Fries come in two sizes: Regular (P37) and Large (P59). You can order them on their own, or have them included in your regular boxed meals like the Fish and Chips, Poppers and Fries, Gangnam Bao, Ko-Dog Meal, Chicken Fries, and Team Bonchon. You can also choose them as a side for the Bibimbowl and K-Style 99.



If you’re looking for crunchy fries bursting with natural potato flavor, then give Bonchon’s K-Fries a go. Now only if they came in a bucket size...


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