LOOK: The First Belgian Chocolate Ice Cream-Inspired Artwork Can Be Found in Cebu

See you there, pleasure seekers!

Like how post-Impressionist Dutch painter Vincent van Gogh was moved by the magnificent view of the sky before sunrise and the countryside from his room window to create one of his most notable paintings, The Starry Night, local visual artist Patrick Cabral fashioned a papercut artwork inspired by the Make Your Own Magnum Bar you can make with real Belgian chocolate at the Magnum Pleasure Store in Cebu. Hit play below to see how this one-of-a-kind artwork was crafted (make sure to turn on the sound for the full experience!).


Paper, knives, ice cream, and an expert pair of hands are all Cabral needs to create an intricate art piece.  Inspired by the thousands of possible Make Your Own Magnum combinations, Patrick created a larger than life testament to the word "Pleasure" using several layers of thick paper painstakingly cut and placed on top of each other.  Each element of the artwork was designed and chosen to precisely match a specific ingredient found at the Make Your Own Magnum bar.  Curvatures of the typography are taken from the flow of thick Belgian chocolate. The origin of the deep red color is drawn from freeze-dried raspberries, and the savory hand-shaven quezo de bola is represented by the golden yellow layers that add brightness to the artwork.  All these elements are enveloped, just like a Magnum bar, in the rich decadent brown hues of Belgian chocolate.

Cabral's “Pleasure Made by You” artwork is the centerpiece of Magnum Cebu, the only place in the Philippines where you can enjoy the world-class papercut art while designing your very own Belgian chocolate ice cream creation using 18 decadent toppings plus a variety of rich coating and drizzle options. It's the perfect indulgence for the most discriminating pleasure seeker!

Magnum Cebu is located at upper ground floor of the Mountain Wing of SM Seaside City Cebu. Visit Magnum's Facebook page for more information.

This article was created by Summit Storylabs in partnership with Magnum.
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