Maximize Your P150 at These 4 Pinoy Fast Food Joints

Get the true value for your meal.

Who doesn’t like fast food? It’s convenient, filling, and affordable. Sure, it’s not served on a big plate with three sets of silverware, but it’s undeniably good. And aside from the value meals, there are other ways to make your trip to your favorite fast food feel like a trip to the buffet. From customising your ala carte orders to double-sizing your value meal, here are a few tricks for your next pig-out.


One-piece Burger Steak( P60.50), Creamy Macaroni (P44), Sundae (P29)
= P133.50

One-piece Chickenjoy Meal (P90.20), Yum Burger (P36.30), Peach Mango Pie (P31.40)
= 157.90


3 Empanadas (P75), Mocha Mamon (P20), Pastillas (P58)

= P153.00

Cheese Roll (P25), Crinkles (P24), Butter Mamon (P20), Cheesy Bar (P20), Polvoron (P45)
= P134.00


Regular Chunky Asado Siopao, Wanton Mami w/ drink (P99), Halo-halo (small, without ice cream) (P43)
= P142

Pork Chao Fan w/ 4pcs. pork siomai (P80), Chunky Asado Siopao with drink (P49)
= P129


Overloaded Meal 4 (spaghetti, chicken meal, drink) (P114), Caramel Bites (P43)

= P157

Overloaded Meal 5 (Hawaiian Overload, spaghetti, drink) (P99), Pearl Cooler (P50)
= P149

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This article was created by Summit Storylabs in partnership with Caltex.
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