Pasta 101: Your Guide to Different Types of Pasta

And where you can best enjoy them.


( Pasta lovers, you’re in for a treat. The well-loved Italian staple is being celebrated this August at Festa della Pasta, a festival celebrating the different pasta dishes that grace the menus of Venice Grand Canal’s restaurants.


Before you start feasting, however, watch the video to see some of the most beloved types of pasta the world has ever seen. And while you're at it, find out where you can get your fill of pasta dishes by proceeding to the rest of the article.



Ravioli - Toni & Sergio

If you're a fan of square-shaped pasta, then head to Toni & Sergio. The restaurant is home to authentic Italian and Spanish cuisine, and it does not disappoint with the Ravioli Spinachi (P495), a creamy pasta dish with homemade ravioli filled with spinach and ricotta cheese. Pair it with the Insalata Di T&S (P270), one of Toni & Sergio’s signature salads, for a dash of something fresh and sweet.



Orecchiette - Ponte Rialto

Ponte Rialto serves food that’s as classy and decadent as the restaurant’s interiors. This is best displayed in one of their best-sellers, Orecchiette con Cime di Rape (P490). The pasta dish comes with toppings of anchovies and turnips—a traditional mix of flavors straight from Italy. A rich recipe, make sure to order a glass of white wine to sip between forkfuls of orecchiette.



Coquillettes - Delicieux

Delicieux, a restaurant that specializes in French and American dishes, is where you can find the delicately-flavored Coquillettes avec Truffles (P475). The tiny coquillettes pasta, mixed with truffles and parmesan, create a smooth, creamy dish that goes well with a bite of the savory French Pizza (P185).



Penne - Amici

Penne is one of the most popular ways to serve pasta in the world—its shape means it packs an extra punch of sauce in every bite, and it compliments any variety of sauce or meat. Case in point: Amici’s Creamy Pesto with Prosciutto (P370). The dish delivers a filling mix of herby sauce and fried prosciutto over a layer of chewy penne pasta.


Pasta dishes aren't the only reasons you should visit Venice Grand Canal at McKinley Hill. At Festa della Pasta, which will be celebrated from August 22 to 31, there will also be cooking demos, pasta art workshops, tenant promos, a pasta bazaar, and more. Happy feasting!


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