These German Slang Terms are Just What You Need for Your Next Beer Night

Oktoberfest isn't quite over yet!

( Germans are proud of how they celebrate Oktoberfest. Looking back, the first-ever Oktoberfest took place to commemorate the marriage of two Bavarian royals in the 1800s—there were horse races, dances, costume parades, and gallons upon gallons of free-flowing beer. The festivities were so successful, people made them an annual tradition.

The Oktoberfest may be a global phenomenon today, but celebrations in Munich remain the gold standard, which is why Solaire partnered with German Club Manila to bring an authentic Oktoberfest experience to the Philippines last October 4 to 6.

Dishes were served family-style on picnic tables covered in a traditional white-and-blue tablecloth. Guests were seated on the same benches that were used in the Munich Oktoberfest celebrations.

The menu included Bavarian pretzels, an assortment of handmade sausages and cold cuts, meat platters loaded with crispy pork knuckle, schnitzel, rotisserie chicken, and spaetzli cooked with cream and mountain cheese.

You may want to learn a few new words before the event, just as Phil and James Younghusband did when they dropped by Solaire. Check out this video:

To learn more about Solaire’s and German Club Manila’s Oktoberfest, visit this link.

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