Eager to drop the pounds once and for all? Follow this lady on Instagram

She's our new fitspo!

(SPOT.ph) Are you one of those people whose weight constantly fluctuates? We highly recommend you follow Chantal Umali-Mercado on Instagram. This doting mom and avid yogini is super passionate about her workout of choice, and her photographic fitness journey (as well as the numerous amazing poses she can do) has become fitspo fodder for her 9,000+ followers.

Read on to see why you should say "No-to-Yoyo" and follow her lead, stat!

1. She does yoga religiously.
The key to getting fit is to take your workouts seriously. Find a great workout that works for you and stick to it, like Chantal did with yoga. Get some exercise every day and you’ll notice the results in no time!

2. She knows that there’s always room for improvement.
Chantal wasn’t always so good at yoga, as you’ll see in this TBT post from her beginner days way back in 2012. Some might be tempted to give up after a few failed handstand attempts, but her early difficulties didn’t deter her from fixing her form. Instead, she kept tracking her progress, and look at where she is now: just a few years later and she’s already a yoga teacher!

3. She influences others to get fit.
When you’re very passionate about yoga, there’s no better feeling than being able to encourage others to work out with you. Just check out the wide grins on Chantal and her cousin Peachy’s faces after doing yoga together!

4. She finds ways to make her workouts more fun.
Getting fit is more enjoyable when you have your best buds working out alongside you! Chantal and her friends do partner poses when they’re together—a great way to ease up on the seriousness of solo yoga.

5. She maintains a healthy diet...
A challenging workout regimen goes hand-in-hand with a healthy diet. We know how difficult it is to totally erase certain foods from your diet, so follow Chantal’s cue by opting for healthier cooking methods (like having your chicken roasted instead of fried) and substituting your rice with healthier options like quinoa.

6. But also indulges in moderation.
Sure, it’s good to eat healthily all day, every day, but you gotta admit, it’s boring. Even the fittest, fabbest folks like Chantal get cheat days sometimes, so don’t beat yourself up if you succumb to your cravings every once in a while!

7. She maintains a positive outlook on life.
There’s no room for negativity in Chantal’s life! Always look at the bright side of life, like Chantal does. Trust us, it does wonders for your well-being!

8. She drinks Nestle Non-Fat Milk.
Take it from Chantal, who joined Nestle Non-Fat Milk’s "No-To-Yoyo" Challenge to maintain her ideal weight. Drinking everyday will give you your regular dose of calcium with only 0.1% fat. The challenge empowers women to say no to fluctuating weight gain and loss by highlighting how weight management can be sustainable via an enjoyable diet and a healthy lifestyle.

Try it out for yourself and see the difference! To know more about Nestle Non-Fat Milk's "No-To-Yoyo" Challenge, visit their Instagram page.

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