The New Bonchon Ube Macapuno Bingsu Is the Summer Craze You Have to Try

You've never had ube quite like this.

( When it's 38 degrees out and being stuck in this heatwave makes you long for ice-cold desserts, then we’ve got the perfect answer for you to beat the summer heat, the Bonchon Bingsu!


Dig in and try the newest flavor, the Bonchon Ube Macapuno Bingsu. Each bowl is a delight to eat, with a blend of milky and snow–like ice, a unique experience from other iced desserts. Plus, the Ube Macapuno Bingsu is topped with an abundance of ingredients, like ube crumbs, macapuno bits, and leche flan cubes. This dessert will revive your senses and give taste buds a thrill during this summer.


This Korean dessert with a local twist will be available for a limited time only, so hurry over to your nearest Bonchon branch and grab one today!


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