These Best-Selling McFlurry Flavors Are Back for the Holidays

Get them while you still can!


( Count on McDonald's to bring back two of their most popular McFlurry flavors—Oreo Matcha and Sans Rival—in time for the holidays. That's called a gift, and it arrived just in time for the Yuletide season! 


Rich, matcha flavors blend perfectly with crunchy Oreo bits and vanilla ice cream in one to produce a treat like no other. And if your taste buds are looking for something more local, you can't go wrong with the buttery smoothness of the Sans Rival variant. And don't sleep on the classic Oreo McFlurry either, now with twice as many cookie bits!


Christmas is a time everyone—from one to ninety two—can enjoy. The same can be said for these holiday McFlurry flavors—everyone will surely take delight in them. Grab one (or more) now and have a taste of Christmas! 


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