This Is Why the Guy in the New McSpicy Commercial Looks Familiar

He was discovered while having a meal at a McDonald's.

( McDonald's has always been fearless with its McSpicy campaigns. The latest McSpicy commercial is cut from the same cloth—it’s fun, dynamic, and bold.  But it also has an interesting little detail that may have slipped past other viewers’ attention: The guy at the very end of the commercial is someone we’ve seen before. He was the subject of a viral post earlier this year, by a young lady named Vanessa Todorov.


In the post, he appears to have been minding his own business when Vanessa discreetly takes a photo.  Instead of reacting violently, he plays along and even points at the camera.

Vanessa posted the photos and captioned them with trending, meme-worthy lines borrowed from a local film. Her post sent thousands of hearts aflutter and eventually became one of the most viral meet-cutes in recent memory.

As fate would have it, the serendipitous encounter landed the guy in the post a role in the new McSpicy commercial. Filipino-Australian athlete and model Warren Cabban, Jr. is now the poster boy of two of the food chain’s offerings: the Original McSpicy and the Garlic Parmesan McSpicy.

Watch the video here. 

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This article was created by Summit Storylabs in partnership with McDonald's.
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