This Limited-Edition Dessert Cone Really Tastes Like Halo-Halo!

It’s the perfect cool-down treat this summer.


( There’s nothing that says summer like the most iconic Filipino dessert halo-halo. The dessert has put the Philippines on the global culinary map, and has even been referred to by a certain celebrity chef as “oddly beautiful.”


What you can be excited about are all the different ways to enjoy halo-halo. And for anyone (everyone) who hankers for this iconic Pinoy dessert, a taste of the new Cornetto Halo Halo is in order. It’s everything you like about halo-halo, in ice cream cone form. Win!


Here’s the verdict: it really does taste like halo-halo. And instead of having to do all the mixing yourself, the ingredients in Cornetto’s newest variant are combined for you in an easy-to-eat ice cream cone.



This new Cornetto cone is made up of tasty halo-halo ice cream topped with thick ube sauce (this is the first time Cornetto has introduced ube sauce in any flavor), crunchy coconut cookie bits, and subtle langka and monggo flavors. The experience ends on a sweet note with a delectable white chocolate cone tip.


The new Cornetto Halo Halo is available in all leading supermarkets and convenience stores. It’s only available for a limited time only so try it now! At just P20, you’re in for a unique and luscious treat.


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