Here's Where You Could Create Your Own KITKAT Break

It's called the KITKAT Chocolatory and you could make up to 8,736 sweet combinations!

Last Christmas, instead of playing Santa, we put on our Willy Wonka hat. We got the chance to experience what it's like being inside something close to a chocolate factory, where all your wildest chocolate dreams could become reality.

8, 736 possible KITKAT creation combinations!

Create A Chocolatey Christmas
From December 18 to 25, 2019, KITKAT had a pop-up at the SM Megamall Fashion Hall called the KITKAT Chocolatory®, where chocolate lovers could create their own handcrafted KITKAT bars with the help of patisserie chefs. The place was filled with different ingredients, and you had the freedom to mix and match them all to produce the KITKAT creation of your dreams. The possible combinations added up to a whopping 8,736 creations with sweet, fruity, nutty, and savory options.

That Filipino Twist
If you're a KITKAT lover, your breaks must have been filled with trying out different flavors of this beloved chocolate bar. People went crazy when KITKAT released their line of Japanese flavors like Green Tea, Hojicha (Roasted Green Tea), Ogura Toast (Red Bean Sandwich) and some unusual flavors, too, such as Wasabi.

In 2019, we had a new wave of Filipino-inspired creations that everyone can enjoy like Mango Graham and Ube, Quezo & Saba. What a great way to celebrate and share our local delicacies by turning them into KITKAT creations!

Mango Graham and Ube, Quezo & Saba KITKAT creations

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