You've Never Really Explored Uptown Bonifacio Until You've Been to These Places

Check them out next time you’re in the area.

( One of the marks of a good neighborhood is a thriving food scene. It’s not just about good eats, though—the food places should also be exciting and give you that thrill of discovery.


Uptown Bonifacio is rich with new haunts that expand and diversify the culinary offerings in that area. Being a stone’s throw away from Fort Bonifacio, it’s where people can kick back, relax, and discover a new favorite hangout. Here are some of the establishments you can find at this township:




Versus Barcade

Play all your childhood favorites at this new bar-arcade in Uptown Parade. With good food, late-night silog, cocktail concoctions, and rows of old-school video game arcade machines, Versus Barcade sounds like your next favorite tambayan.





Craving breakfast for dinner? B.A.D. has gotchu. Late-night food runs or after-drinks chow sessions are made more fun by this eclectic breakfast bar, which features Instagram-worthy murals, vintage posters, and the thick succulence of a Bacon & Cheddar Waffle.




Pizza Express

Home is where the pizza is, and Pizza Express makes sure of it. This British-based food chain has opened its doors at Uptown Mall and is serving up its world-famous made with high-quality local ingredients. Word is that there’s also going to be a delivery service soon. We can’t wait.




Bai Nian Tang Bao

No community is complete without its own friendly neighborhood Chinese place, and at Uptown Bonifacio, Bai Nian Tang Bao fills the gap deliciously. Don’t expect to find the usual Chinese take-out fare here—this restaurant treats you to giant xiao long bao and the Shanghai Golden Sheng Jian Bao, which is made from a century-old recipe.




Izakaya Flame

In Japan, izakayas are informal bars where people can unwind after a long day. And given our fondness for after-work dinner and drinks, it’s no surprise these places are becoming more popular in the metro, too. Izakaya Flame’s famous Supertakoyaki and Wagyu cubes on skewers are best paired with Scotch or beer especially at the end of a hectic week.



Tendon Kohaku

Singapore was first to get on the tempura-donburi (aka tendon) bandwagon combo, but Tendon Kohaku brings to Uptown Township the tempura rice bowl that changes the game. Because let’s face it: All we rice lovers need to enjoy the crispy-fried goodness of tempura is a bowl of perfectly steamed rice.



Most of these places can be found in Uptown Mall and Uptown Parade, which boasts a newly redesigned rooftop deck. Uptown Parade is just one of the many places that bring life to the Uptown Bonifacio township, Megaworld’s premium lifestyle complex that offers social and dining perks to those living and working in Taguig. There are also plans to build a two-kilometer Skytrain that will connect Fort Bonifacio to the Guadalupe MRT station and cut travel time between the two points to just five minutes.


Imagine being in the middle of all the great things the district can offer: a smorgasbord of restaurants and shops, peaceful and organized community, and homey atmosphere; this place might be the definition of "living the Filipino dream." With all of the great features of this neighborhood, living there is ideal, especially for OFWs and people who are looking for good investment.


For more information about Uptown Bonifacio and the other establishments there, check out this link. You may also visit or contact Uptown Bonifacio Information Center for any queries about the township: 11th Avenue, Uptown Bonifacio; 0917-887-8696.

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