The Millennial's Guide to Having Breakfast On the Go

Cooking shouldn’t cut into much-needed sleep time.

( When you’re a hustling millennial, mornings can be a mad rush. But a hectic A.M. is no excuse to skip the day’s most important meal. Here are some easy food hacks that will help make breakfast a cinch no matter how busy you are:


Make a smoothie.

If you don’t have time to eat breakfast, drink it instead. A smoothie is great for when you’re in a major hurry and need to have your meal on-the-go.


Prepare a trail mix.

Toss in everything from dried fruits to nuts to cornflakes. Bag it up and mix it well so you can munch while stuck in traffic.


Microwave your breakfast.

Mug cake isn’t the only thing you can cook by nuke-ing it. You can also make french toast, scrambled eggs, and a whole lot more in your microwave.


Stock up on fruit.

What's quicker than just picking up an apple or banana? No cooking, no heating, just a bite in. 



Prepare your breakfast the night before.

Here’s a simple solution to your breakfast woes: make it in the evening, enjoy it in the morning.


Of course, if your evenings are as busy as your mornings, you can always pick up a convenient cup of Quaker Overnight Oats, pop it in the fridge to chill, and in the morning—voila! A simple and healthy breakfast for the millennial-on-the-go.


You can also try your hand at making your own mix: just pour milk into a jar with Quaker Oats, add your favorite toppings, and refrigerate overnight. You’ll have a breakfast full of fiber, protein, and beta glucan waiting for you in the morning.


If you share your breakfast creations on social media, you might even score great prizes from Quaker Oats. Just hashtag your post with #QuakerOvernightBreakfastClub and #PicturePerfectMornings.

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