This Rice Bowl Will Make You Give in to Your Korean-Food Cravings

We know you love K-food and of course—rice.



( Rice remains the staple of choice for many Filipinos and not surprisingly, Bibimbapa meal in itself with rice and toppingseasily fits into the culinary preferences of most Pinoys. 

Bonchon Bibimbowl’s combination of white rice, carrots, meat toppings, nori, egg strips, and signature spicy sauce make it a must-try Korean dish. You can choose from three toppings: thinly sliced 100% premium beef, chicken poppers coated with Bonchon’s signature sauce, or seafood poppers.

Ready your phones, too, because the Bibimbowl is also 'grammable. The colors and texture of each bowl will bring more attention to your feed.

Try the Bibimbowl at the nearest Bonchon branch.


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