WATCH: Three Ice Cream Flavors That Make the Summer Heat Bearable

See if you can resist!



( This heat. We can’t even. To help you endure another sweltering summer, think of cooling thoughts—swimming in a pool, drinking an ice-cold beverage, strolling along a tree-lined boulevard with the wind blowing through your hair. Better yet, here’s a more convincing visual to beat the heat:

Selecta’s done us another solid, offering their latest summer ice cream flavors: Choco Chip Cookie Dough, Sapin Sapin, and Buco Pie Con Leche. Seeing each scoop of the velvety ice cream filled with chunky treats is so enticing, our taste buds are tingling and we’re drooling nonstop. There’s only one way to cure a craving—give in!

This article was created by Summit Storylabs in partnership with Selecta Philippines.
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